CO Poll Numbers

President Barack Obama Maintains Lead in Swing State; Miklosi

within Striking Distance

Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA), released poll

numbers showing that likely voters in Colorados Sixth Congressional District

overwhelmingly oppose Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryans plan to turn

Medicare into a voucher plan.

The plan laid out in Ryans proposed budget passed by the House of

Representatives this year, scraps Medicare as we know it and creates a voucher

program. Republican Mike Coffman, voted

for the budget to end Medicare. When

polled the week of August 7th-9th, likely voters in the

Sixth Congressional District overwhelmingly oppose turning Medicare into a

voucher program. Only 16% of likely voters support Medicare vouchers. When asked if

they would support a candidate who advocated transitioning Medicare into a

voucher program, only 22% of likely voters said they would.

President Barack Obama maintains a lead

over GOP candidate Mitt Romney by 9 points with likely voters in Colorados

Sixth Congressional District. The margin

of error for the poll is 3.6%, making his lead well outside the margin of

error. Also, 51% of voters in the Sixth District overwhelmingly favor ending

the Bush Tax Cuts for people earning over $250,000 a year.

When likely voters were asked if the election were held today, which candidate they

would vote for, Democratic Challenger Joe Miklosi lands just outside the margin

of error being behind Mike Coffman by 4 points.

This is great news for Miklosi who still remains relatively unknown in

the district. But Miklosi will see those

numbers improve the more voters get to know him especially from women

voters. Women see the Democratic party

as overwhelmingly better for their interests, with 63% saying that Democrats do

a better job supporting women and only 29% take the opposite position.

This polling was conducted August 7th and 8th and is

considered a strong indicator at how the Sixth Congressional District will

swing 83 days out from the election. Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America

said, In Colorado, we know that Democrat Joe Miklosi will give Rep.

Coffman a run for his money. Mike Coffman

has been wrong on healthcare, his vote to end Medicare, womens issues, and no

longer represents the needs of his district.

Thats why Democracy for America supports Joe Miklosi and named his as

one of our Dean Dozen. Hes a real progressive and true leader for Colorados


The polling was paid for by Democracy

for America and was conducted August 7th and 8th in a

survey of 669 likely voters in Colorados Sixth Congressional District with the

margin of error falling to 3.6%. Earlier

this month, Joe Miklosi was named one of the Dean Dozen. The Dean Dozen is DFA's highest tier of

federal endorsement. It is limited to 12 total candidates running for either US

House or US Senate and represents the races that DFA will expend the greatest

amount of resources on during the 2012 cycle.

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