Budget Statement April 14, 2011

DFA Praises President Obama for Calling for End to Tax-dodges for Corporate Millionaires and Calls on the President to Stop the Bleeding of Key Programs that Support the Middle Class Burlington, VT In anticipation of the Presidents speech today on the budget and the deficit, Democracy for America Chair, Jim Dean praises the Presidents intention to call to end the free ride for Americas wealthiest individuals. At the same time DFA strongly opposes putting on the table any more cuts to critical programs that support the fragile middle class such as Medicare and Medicaid.

It time that shared sacrifice included everyone in this budget discussion such as CEOs, millionaires, and those who have gained the most from our nations economy. Thats why we hail the Presidents effort to keep his campaign promise and end the Bush Tax dodge, said, Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. I am glad to see that we are having an adult discussion about solving our deficit by raising revenue from those who got the most government support during the economic crisis.

However, Dean added, I am concerned by discussions about making even deeper cuts to critical programs that support the fragile middle class such as Medicare and Medicaid. The most vulnerable have already experienced the biggest cutbacks in the budget not to mention the billions more in cuts to come. Its long past time to ask those who caused this economic crisis to start pitching in. DFA hopes to see the President work with Democratic leaders in Congress who have been putting themselves on the line every day to stand up for these vital Democratic principles. The Republican proposals that have been put forward are simply not credible and punishing to the middle class that drives our economy. With control of one house of Congress and the White House, its time to get serious about a budget that works for people and ends the deficit. ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA

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