BREAKING: Democracy for America endorses Catherine Cortez Masto for U.S. Senate

September 25, 2015
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BREAKING: Democracy for America endorses Catherine Cortez Masto for U.S. Senate

BURLINGTON, VT --This morning, Democracy for America, a national progressive political organization founded by Governor Howard Dean endorsed Catherine Cortez Masto for U.S. Senate in Nevada.   

DFA also endorsed Kamala Harris in her race for U.S. Senate in California.  

The full DFA endorsement email of both candidates, sent by Senator Elizabeth Warren, is below.

If helpful, here’s a statement from Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean on today’s endorsement of Cortez Masto:

“When you hear about everything Catherine Cortez Masto has done as Attorney General to tackle predatory lending, sex trafficking, and elderly, child, and domestic abuse in Nevada, there’s little doubt that she’d be a powerful force for progressive change in Washington. She’s seen what growing income inequality has done to Nevada families and she’s already stood on the frontlines fighting back.

“We need Catherine Cortez Masto’s path-blazing voice in the U.S. Senate and that’s why Democracy for America members in Nevada and across the country couldn’t be more excited about knocking the doors, making the phone calls, and raising the money needed to get her there.” -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

Additional information about Democracy for America and its endorsement of Catherine Cortez Masto:

  • Founded in 2004, Democracy for America is a people-powered PAC with 1 million members nationwide and 7,826 members in Nevada.

  • Over the last 11 years, DFA members have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.

  • If elected, Catherine Cortez Masto will make history by becoming the first Latina to serve as a U.S. Senator.

Email to DFA Members:

From: "Elizabeth Warren" <[email protected]>
Subject: I'm joining DFA to support these great Senate candidates
Date: September 26, 2015
To: "DFA Member" <[email protected]>
Reply-To: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Democracy for America is proud to join forces with Senator Elizabeth Warren to endorse two progressive champions for the United States Senate: Kamala Harris in California and Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada. Read the following message from Elizabeth Warren explaining why these candidates are so critical to our nation's future -- and chip in $3 or more to send them to the Senate to stand with her! - Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

DFA Member --

If your inbox looks like mine right now, it's filling up with messages from campaigns and groups across the country about Wednesday's big fundraising deadline.

I know these deadlines might seem like a nuisance -- believe me, candidates don't like begging for money either. But I want you to know: These fundraising results matter for our 2016 Senate Democrats.

It matters when the Koch Brothers pick which vulnerable states to target. It matters when the national groups have to write off a race because a candidate just isn't cutting it. It matters when campaigns decide how many offices they can open, how many organizers they can hire, even how many bumper stickers and yard signs they can print.

Wednesday's deadline matters -- but I know it's not easy to look at your inbox and decide who needs your help the most. I'm proud to stand with Democracy for America to support these Senate candidates that you can help right now:

Kamala Harris (CA): I'm sorry to lose Barbara Boxer's leadership when she retires next year, but I'm excited for what's in store with California Attorney General Kamala Harris. I worked with Kamala up close and personal during the mortgage crisis, and I can tell you: she's tough, she's smart, and she'll fight her heart out for working families. Let's do what we can to make sure Kamala joins me in Washington next year.

Catherine Cortez Masto (NV): Democratic Leader Harry Reid is retiring next year, and the Republicans are doing everything they can to win his open seat in Nevada. But not if Catherine Cortez Masto has her way. During her two terms as Nevada's Attorney General, Catherine led fights to stop predatory lending, sex trafficking, and elderly, child, and domestic abuse. Catherine knows who she's fighting for, and we need to fight for Catherine.

Rarely do we have an election with such a deep bench of candidates running for the Senate. And if they both win, we'll be one step closer to taking back the Democratic majority in 2016.

Join DFA and me to support Kamala and Catherine's campaigns before their important deadline on Wednesday by chipping in $3 or more -- and show the right-wing Republicans and powerful special interests that we're ready in fight in 2016.

Thank you for being a part of this,


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