Attorney General + Citizen United Initial Release


VT Today Democracy for America (DFA) launched a new campaign

designed to dismantle the Citizens United decision decided by the Supreme Court

in 2010. The campaign takes on Citizens

United internally through the court system and highlights Montana Attorney

General Steve Bullocks case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case directly challenges the two-year old

ruling. The campaign calls on Attorneys

General from across the United States to sign onto an Amicus Brief documenting

the need to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision.

"Citizens United corrupts our democratic process, said Jim

Dean, Chair of DFA. This campaign, courageously headed by Montanas

Attorney General Steve Bullock, demands that the Supreme Court address their

decision that allowed undisclosed amounts of money to flow into our electoral

process. Corporations are not people and

ordinary citizens should not be drowned out of democracy.

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock

weighed in on the campaign: Attorney General Steve Bullock: The Citizens United decision opened the door to

unlimited corporate spending in our national elections, and state and local

elections could be the next to fall. For

the past two years, Americans have watched spending by anonymous, secretive

Super PACs far outpace what candidates spend on elections. Its a fantasy to suggest these expenditures

arent corrupting our political system. I applaud Democracy for Americas efforts to

make sure the voices of people still matter.

For nearly a century, the state of Montana has restricted corporate spending in

elections a direct conflict with the Citizens United ruling. Late last

year, the states Supreme Court upheld Montanas law. Bullock defended

Montanas 100 year-old law in court.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed enforcement of Montanas law

while the case is appealed before the High Court. Democracy for America

has taken steps to chip away Citizens United, first by collecting over 100,000

signatures supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders Constitutional Amendment and now

turning their efforts to the court. In just two weeks, DFA has collected

74,325 signatures from across the country urging their members Attorneys

General to sign the Amicus Brief supporting Attorney General Bullocks

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