ACA Repeal 7.11.12

Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA) members in Florida rallied at Rep. Allen West (FL-18) and Rep. David Rivera (FL-26) offices, holding Republican members accountable for their 33rdvote against theAffordable Care Act.

Im happy know that my Congressman, Rep. Rivera thinks it's good to vote against kids 18-26 having health insurance. Its good to know that he believes pre-existing conditions should be the law, saidWendy Sejour, Democracy for AmericaLeader in Miami. As a women, Im thrilled to know my gender is still a pre-existing condition again.

From DFAs offices in Burlington, VermontJim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America (DFA)released this statement on the House vote to repeal theAffordable Care Act: Today, John Boehner and his GOP cronies in the House took their 33rd vote to dismantle legislation that provides real solutions to Americas healthcare needs. Instead of focusing on job creation, Republicans want to stage political theater and repeal a bill that provides millions of Americans access to health insurance. Where is the humanity in that? From the very beginning of the healthcare debate, Democracy for America has been fighting for real solutions. However, all we hear from Republican mouths is the statement repeal and replace. Why? They dont have an actual plan to replace theAffordable Care Act. Poll after poll concludes Americans favor the law and believe that healthcare should not be placed in the hands of Mitt Romney, John Boenher, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party.

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