Debra Kaplan

Florida State House, District 31

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Debra A. (Deb) Kaplan spent most of her life as a reporter covering government, politics, social services as well as homicide, business, and entertainment. She has also worked in public relations and special events. She is currently working in business development and has done so for the past 20 years. She has been active in politics since leaving reporting and has volunteered for Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. I was a founding member of an interfaith shelter for the homeless in Connecticut, a former officer on an arts council in Connecticut and has mentored at-risk high school students in Orlando.

The current state representative is too beholden to special interests and large donors like the Koch Brothers. She was a sponsor of a bill that required a 24 hour waiting period for abortion, that has twice been ruled unconstitutional; she is also a big supporter of charter schools and has consistently voted for budgets that decreased funding for public schools and provisions that are anti-union. After the shooting at Marjorie Douglas Stoneham HS this year, she was one of the members that voted to prevent a measure on assault weapons from coming to the floor of the Florida House for a vote.

Debra believes we must support public schools and teachers and restore needed educational funding while increasing money for vocational education in Florida. She would also push to close loopholes in current gun laws by making gun show sales go under the same requirements as those sold in stores. She would sponsor the ERA approval measure to ratify the amendment so it can be added to the US Constitution and sponsor measures against fracking and offshore drilling to protect Florida’s environment.

Debra supports the fight for $15 movement in Florida and works to protect the working men and women in Florida. She believes we must use the Sidowski Housing Trust Fund to build more affordable housing and not sweep the money into the budget for other non-housing line items. She also wants to make sure that we protect the environment while we grow our economy. The environment should not be a casualty of growth. And finally, we must do more to hold our criminal justice system and the judiciary to a higher standard so that everyone gets equal treatment under the law and not have a justice system that hands out harsher treatment to those who are not caucasian.

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