Vikki Garrett

Florida State House, District 1

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Vikki is a Pensacola native who grew up in grew up in State House District 1. Vikki worked to put herself through school; she obtained an Associate of Arts degree from Pensacola Junior College (now Pensacola State College) where she received a softball scholarship. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, both from the University of West Florida.

Vikki has over 20 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors. Public agencies she has worked for include the Florida Department of Transportation, Escambia County Engineering Department, and the West Florida Regional Planning Council. She has worked to protect and promote public transportation in the Panhandle communities of Florida. She successfully secured a grant for more than $1million that was used to purchase paratransit vehicles in order to serve the transportation disadvantaged in her community. With her experience working in both the public and private sectors as well as with elected officials, she has something to bring to the table and offer practical solutions.

Early in 2017, Vikki decided to run for the Florida House of Representatives District 1 open seat and has committed full-time to campaigning. Vikki will bring a more balanced representation of the to Tallahassee. Vikki is committed to reducing school dropout rate, bringing real criminal justice reform, improving our environment and other initiatives that will not only help to improve the quality of life in District 1 but across the state. Vikki will fight for better wages, jobs, and progressive policies to lift people the people of Escambia County out of poverty which is the poorest county in Florida so they can participate in the economy. Vikki is fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves: She will fight for our democracy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

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