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Cary Moon is an engineer and urban planner who has spent decades working on solutions to urban challenges, with years of experience as a successful change-maker leading non-profit and grassroots advocacy organizations.

Her civic leadership and advocacy has already left an indelible mark on Seattle. From her time as the director of the People’s Waterfront Coalition, Cary built a movement and vision to save 22 acres of public land on the waterfront that is now being implemented by the city. Cary’s work in the public interest and innovative approaches to tackling problems have won her numerous awards, including Real Change’s Change Agent of the Year, the Municipal League’s Citizen of the Year, The Stranger’s Political Genius Award and one of Seattle Magazine’s Most Influential People. After college, Cary Moon helped manage her family’s small manufacturing business that shared all profits with and was partly owned by its 100 employees. She lives in Pike Place Market neighborhood with her husband Mark and two teenage children.

She spent the last several years working in partnership to conceive and launch the Democracy Hub, a coalition to transform and reform democracy in Washington to share power more inclusively. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Progress Alliance, Cary led a collaborative effort via the Progress Alliance to craft a progressive economic vision, platform, policy solutions and narrative for Washington State. These recent projects, combined with years of grassroots activism on the ground, reflect her values and determination to help Seattle become a beacon for progressive change.

She’s running on a bold progressive vision for Seattle, focused on dismantling and confronting ingrained racial inequity and working collaboratively to rebalance power and resources, to ensure Seattle works for everyone, not just the wealthiest few.

“Our city is becoming a city of haves and have nots, where a lucky few amass unbelievable wealth and the rest of us fall further and further behind. We need a different kind of leadership to tackle this challenge, a shared future vision, and a commitment to sharing power across race, class and gender. I believe we all share a vision of what Seattle can be: inclusive, creative, diverse, and committed to sustainability and shared prosperity. I will provide a transparent and clear vision and an action plan to get there.”

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