Ryant Washington

Virginia State Senate, 22nd District

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An experienced champion for progressive reforms, Ryant Washington is running a people-powered campaign for the Virginia State Senate’s 22nd District. Serving his community as a sheriff and policy advisor for criminal justice, he has deep roots in the community and a lifetime of public service. His advocacy for community policing and effective policies reflect his strength as a leader, one that Virginia needs in its State Senate. Furthermore, he will oppose Republican attacks on crucial social programs, he’ll fight to protect health care and fully fund public schools.

In 2009 Republicans began winning these crucial state elections, and used those victories to begin moving the country far to the right. Ryan’s special election thus represents an opportunity for progressives to fight back and elect the champions we need. By electing progressive Democrats like Ryant Washington to local, state, and federal offices, the American people can show that the country opposes Trump and his party’s extremist, hateful agenda, and is ready to rebuild its leadership at the local level.