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DFA in the News

'Repeal and replace' Trump's tax cuts? Democrats won't go there

Washington Examiner

Some outside liberal groups want it to be. Activists on the Left want the tax law to become President Trump’s version of Obamacare, a major domestic law passed on a partisan basis that generated a wave of opposition, sweeping the responsible party out of power.

“The position is simple: Repeal and replace,” said Neil Sroka, a representative for Democracy for America, a liberal political action committee.


After Senate 'train wreck' on competing immigration plans, Cornyn casts doubt on continuing DACA debate

Dallas News

Meanwhile, pro-immigration advocates blamed the White House for the impasse.

"The one lesson from the today's Senate train-wreck is that Donald Trump's bigotry-laced immigration policy is an epic failure that does not and should not ever have the votes to become law," said Karli Wallace Thompson, the campaign manager for Democracy for America.


After Announcing Senate Campaign, Marine Vet Watches Own Parents Give Max Amount to His Opponent

Western Journal

More recently, Nicholson’s mother has donated to various Democratic lawmakers across the country, including Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and now-retired Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. She is also a major donor to Democracy for America, a progressive political action committee that works to elect Democrats to office across the U.S.

The donations are not all that surprising given that Nicholson has long stated that he hails from a Democratic family. In fact, Nicholson was once a rising star in the Democratic Party.


'Black Panther' Movie Is A Milestone For African-American Culture, Writer Says

90.5 WESA

I've even seen people taking this up as kind of a political cause. The political action committee called Democracy for America actually sent out a call for people to sign a pledge to go see the movie now because it would be used as a counter-narrative to what we see on CNN, in other words, in the portrayal of black people, in the portrayal of Africa


Morning Spin: Civic Federation calls for taxing retirement income, maybe closing universities to balance state budget

Chicago Times

*Quick spin: Cook County assessor candidate Fritz Kaegi was endorsed by North Side U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, Southeast Side Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza and Democracy for America, the organization foounded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean.


Meet the Primary Candidates: U.S. House of Representatives, District 26 (Democrat)

The Cross Timbers Gazette

Endorsements: Wendy Davis; Demand Universal Healthcare (DUH); Democracy for America, Denton County; #VoteProChoice; Stonewall Democrats, Dallas County


Caballero makes progressive 'Hall of Shame'

Morgan Hill Times

The report card is published by progressive advocacy group Courage Campaign in partnership with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action (ACCE), another state advocacy group with a focus on worker and housing justice. The report card ranks legislators on their votes and how they represented constituents against corporations. It is endorsed by such groups as California Calls, Democracy For America, Dolores Huerta Foundation, DailyKos, and California Immigrant Policy Center.


Will Age Become An Issue In Dianne Feinstein's Re-Election Campaign?


De Leon's campaign declined to be interviewed for a story on Feinstein's age.

He's been endorsed by the progressive political action committee, Democracy for America, which claims around 300,000 members in California. Communications Director Neil Sroka says what his organization wanted to know was, "Who's going to be best equipped to lead the resistance to Donald Trump and set a path forward for what an inclusive, populist vision for this country looks like?"

And for his organization, that wasn't Feinstein. Her age isn't a problem, but her long tenure in the Senate is.

"We're going to need more [progressive] candidates moving up the ranks," Sroka says. "We can't do that if the same old people are running for the same old offices over and over again."


Progressive Democrats are using small-money donations to outraise establishment opponents with deep-pocketed millionaire backers


Progressive candidates, backed by the likes of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America, Moveon, Our Revolution and Justice Democrats, are outraising Republicans (including Ted Cruz!) and establishment Democrats with the backing of the DNC and the Democratic Party establishment.

They're doing it with small-money donations raised from everyday Americans. It's a huge upset in politics, building on the fundraising ground broken by Howard Dean, then Barack Obama and then Bernie Sanders: proof that politicians in America don't need to sell their souls to the millionaire class and corporate PACs to get elected.


Moran: 2008 flashback recalls the rise of Obama and the looming fall of John Edwards

Chicago Tribune

Specifically, let's go back to the start of the 2008 primary season, which, as in other years, technically began with a caucus. Jan. 3, 2008, was your typical 20-degree winter day in Lake County, and my assignment that night was to head out to Flanagan's in North Chicago to cover an Iowa Caucus Watch Party hosted by the Lake County chapter of Democracy for America.


On Politics: Meehan's seat up for grabs; changes in the 16th district race; and bills make moves in the statehouse

Lancaster Online

Meanwhile, Jess King got endorsements from Make the Road PA Action, a group that organizes working class Latino immigrants, as well as Democracy for America, a national progressive group.

Hartman and King had previously announced various endorsements through 2017.


SEIU to back LIPINSKI opponent NEWMAN — PRITZKER’s $49M self-funding rivals PRESIDENTIAL primary spending — IVES cancels CONTROVERSIAL speaker


Last month, Jan Schakowsky and Luis Gutierrez broke “club rules” and endorsed Newman, a businesswoman, against their Illinois delegation colleague Lipinski.

Expect other national groups to swiftly weigh in, possibly today. Emily’s List has received some attention for not backing Newman, but we’re hearing the group could be having second thoughts. Planned Parenthood, we’re told, could also be endorsing in short order. Early Newman backers include NARAL, MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Human Rights Campaign.


Caballero makes progressive Hall of Shame


“Assemblymember Caballero is part of the problem in Sacramento,” Courage Campaign Executive Director Eddie Kurtz said. “Courage Campaign will make sure her constituents know she cares more about policies favored by corporate lobbyists than about their best interests. With Washington broken and with Trump pursuing a reckless and bigoted agenda, now more than ever it is urgent that California lead the way, and people like Anna Caballero are an obstacle to that progress. Assemblymember Caballero: we’re putting you on notice.”

The report card is published by progressive advocacy group Courage Campaign in partnership with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action (ACCE), another state advocacy group with a focus on worker and housing justice. The report card ranks legislators on their votes and how they represented constituents against corporations. It is endorsed by such groups as California Calls, Democracy For America, Dolores Huerta Foundation, DailyKos, and California Immigrant Policy Center.


Crowded primaries loom in Texas House races

The Hill

Democrats are expected to keep their grip on the seat held by O’Rourke, who’s giving up the seat to run for Senate. But the battle over who will replace him has drawn ambitious Democrats.

O’Rourke has endorsed former El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar, who’s also garnered other influential endorsements from groups including EMILY’s List and Democracy for America.


Healthcare focus of DFA meeting

Gettysburg Time

"Defending Access to Quality Healthcare in Pennsylvania" will be the topic as Gettysburg Area Democracy for America welcomes Patrick Keenan to Valentine Hall at the United Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg on Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend.


Westneat: Democrats went all-in with a lousy hand

Gaston Gazette

“They (the Democrats) failed Dreamers, immigrants and the American people,” lamented Seattle’s Robert Cruickshank, a campaign manager for the lefty group Democracy for America. “This reminds me of the fall of 2002 vote for the Iraq War.”

The Democrats’ “cave” was “a stunning display of moral and political cowardice,” read a statement from his group. It was a “strategically incoherent move that demonstrates precisely why so many believe the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for anything.”

Actually what was strategically incoherent was shutting down the government in the first place, which I’ll get to in a minute.


Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC Endorses Chuy Garcia for Congress

Lawndale News

The Congressional Progressive Caucus joins other prominent progressive leaders like Senator Bernie Sanders, Democracy for America, Our Revolution Illinois and others in endorsing Chuy Garcia.


Fed Up With Corporate Politics, Progressive Democrats Are Organizing — And Winning

National Memo

Several national organizations understand the power of a local focus and have invested in identifying amazing grassroots partners — their 2017 results speak to the potential of this emerging network. Groups like Our Revolution, Working Families Party, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America, People’s Action, Progressive Democrats of America, Democracy for America, and the Movement Voter Project are just some of the organizations doing important work. As the Movement Voter Project said in its recent report, “Failure is not an option. Not for our children. Not for our grandchildren.”


NH Primary Source: Six of seven Democratic 1st District candidates oppose short-term funding deal


Schumer and Senate Democrats are taking heat from the liberal wing of the party, with Democracy for America, for example, calling it a “cave” and a “stunning display of moral and political coward that demonstrates precisely why so many believe the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for anything.”


Why Dianne Feinstein’s shutdown vote helps her re-election

McClatchy Online

De León has won the endorsement of Democracy for America, the advocacy group founded by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. And he is well-positioned to earn the backing of the California Nurses Association, given his embrace of single-payer healthcare, their top priority. 


The Coming Election Is Going to Be a Tidal Wave of Women Running for Office


Last Friday, the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC announced 11 endorsements for House races, six men and five women. Our Revolution, which grew out of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid, only has one House primary endorsement on its website, Iowa’s Pete D’Alessandro. Democracy for Americahas 15 House endorsements, including six women. Progressive Democrats of America has 26 endorsements, including 10 women. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has 13 endorsements, including six women.


Winners and losers from the government shutdown

The Hill

Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of Democracy for America, accused Senate Democrats more broadly of “a stunning display of moral and political cowardice.”


Democrats take heat from the left over shutdown-ending deal that didn’t address DACA

Washington Post

Senate Democrats are skeptical that these jabs mean long-term damage to the party. The progressive movement’s most pugnacious groups have swung and missed before; in Virginia, infamously, the Howard Dean-founded group Democracy for America denounced now-Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Va.) for a “racist” statement that he would oppose sanctuary status if any of the state’s cities tried to implement it.


Trump to mark anniversary with Mar-a-Lago bash as thousands get set to protest

The Guardian

Neil Sroka, communications director for the progressive political action committee Democracy for America, said: “You’d think he’d be taking a victory lap at this moment but his presidency has been marked by so much incompetence that he knows in his psyche he couldn’t hold a rally on the National Mall and get a tenth of the crowd at his inauguration. Even Trump can no longer deny he’s loathed across the country.”

Sroka, who served under Barack Obama at the commerce department, said there was little reason to believe Trump would change course in 2018. “If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last year, he’s not going to change. He will continue to be a doddering bigot with a Twitter account.”


New Trier Democrats Issue Endorsements For March Primaries

Winnetka Patch

Biss has the endorsements of members of Congress, Robin Kelly and Brad Schneider, and more than a dozen members of the Illinois General Assembly. He has also been endorsed by Champaign County Young Democrats, the Indo-American Democratic Organization and Northside Democracy for America.


Chicago Aaron Goldstein Earns Glowing Endorsement for Illinois Attorney General from Northside Democracy for America


Attorney Aaron Goldstein, Democratic candidate for Illinois Attorney General, has earned a glowing endorsement from Northside Democrats for America. He received 87.75% of the vote of NDFA voting members, which exceeded NDFA's endorsement threshold of 75%.

"Northside DFA is proud to support an exceptional candidate who is trying to break through the rules and political norms. Aaron Goldstein emphasizes that the Illinois Attorney General has a role of interpreting the Illinois Constitution to prevent bad laws from being enacted," said NDFA co-chair Melissa Lindberg. 


How a defiant Chelsea Manning could upend the race for US Senate in Maryland

Washington Post

‘‘Folks that are applying litmus tests for candidates based on criminal record and experience with police — that’s one of many reasons why we don’t have the diversity of representation that we need in the US Senate,’’ said Neil Sroka, spokesman for the national progressive group, Democracy for America.

‘‘We were glad to see she’s running and we’ll be watching that race,’’ Sroka said. ‘‘When an incumbent is challenged by a strong challenger that inevitably makes that incumbent more accessible to the Democratic base.’’

But Democracy for America will wait to see all the Senate candidates in action before making any endorsements, Sroka said.

The organization is backing former NAACP president Ben Jealous for Maryland governor and former Maryland congresswoman Donna F. Edwards for Prince George’s County executive.

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