Tell Tucson to refuse to collaborate with Trump’s anti-immigrant plans

If we're going to stop Donald Trump, we have to organize in local cities and communities -- not just in Congress or state legislatures. Right now, DFA-endorsed City Councilmember Regina Romero is showing what that local leadership looks like in Tucson.

Trump has promised to forcefully go after and deport at least 3 million undocumented immigrants. We need to take that threat very seriously. Trump backed up his statement by having Kris Kobach, the architect of the anti-immigrant SB1070, named to his transition team. When Trump acts on his plans, over a quarter-million "Dreamers" (students who came to the U.S. as young children) will be targeted and at risk of being torn from their families and homes.

Tucson has been fighting back. In 2012, the Tucson City Council stepped up and voted 6-1 to declare Tucson an Immigrant Welcoming City. Right now the City Council and Mayor can take that leadership again. But they must do more than just thank and welcome immigrants.

Councilmember Regina Romero proposed a policy to ensure the Tucson Police Department will never engage in collaboration of any kind that would endanger any person in Tucson, regardless of status or national origin. She needs our help pressuring the Mayor and Tucson City Council members to fight Trump -- and defend all Tucson residents.

Tell Tucson City Council members and the Mayor to join Councilwoman Regina Romero and commit to passing a non-collaboration policy that will protect all people in Tucson.

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STOP TRUMP: Tell Democrats to protect Medicare now

The battle to protect Medicare from Donald Trump and Paul Ryan is heating up fast -- and Paul Ryan is already feeling defensive. Just yesterday he claimed we have nothing to worry about:

"This is the latest wave of Democratic talking points to try and play 'Mediscare' politics, which is what they typically do every other Tuesday." -Paul Ryan, quoted in The Hill, 12/1/16

Don't believe him. Paul Ryan has spent his entire career in Congress trying to destroy Medicare. He has repeatedly said he wants to cut benefits, privatize Medicare, and make it harder and more expensive for people to get health care. Seniors would have to spend money they don't have getting the care they need.

Donald Trump has already proven he'll help Paul Ryan destroy Medicare -- and he picked Tom Price, an extremist anti-Medicare zealot to become the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price has already suggested Republicans could act quickly in 2017 to destroy Medicare.

We know we can stop them -- because we stopped George W. Bush when he tried the same attack on Social Security. The secret: mobilize the public to unite Democrats against any attack on Medicare, and go on offense against Republicans. That's exactly what DFA plans to do.

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Sign the petition: Tell Michigan AG Bill Schuette to stop playing games and let the recount begin

Michigan RecountRepublican Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette just filed a court action asking the State Supreme Court to preemptively shut down any attempt at a presidential election recount. 

This kind of partisan interference in what should be a neutral and routine verification of the election results is absolutely unacceptable -- and it is dangerous to our democracy.
The margin of victory in Michigan was only 10,000 votes. With a race this close, a recount is necessary in order to give voters confidence in the stated result. We need to let Schuette know RIGHT NOW that we will not let his attempt to derail this perfectly legal recount stand.
Tell Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to stop playing games with our democratic process and allow a full and fair presidential recount in Michigan now.
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Call President Obama: Step in on Standing Rock

The police crackdown on protestors against the Dakota Access Pipeline is getting worse, thanks to an official order of evacuation from Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple. 

While brave water protectors and their allies are standing their ground in sub-freezing temperatures, the Morton County Sheriff's Department is now saying it will order its troopers to pull over and threaten people carrying much-needed supplies to the Standing Rock camp with $1,000 fines. And the governor's order effectively ended emergency services to the camps, even though violent attacks by the police continue.

President Obama's silence on this horrendous violation of the human rights of the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters is simply unacceptable. He needs to put an end to these dangerous police attacks right now by stepping in and shutting down the pipeline.

Call President Obama today and tell him to step in and stop the attacks on #NoDAPL protesters RIGHT NOW.


Stand with Elizabeth Warren—tell Democrats to vote NO on the GOP’s Big Pharma giveaway

The lame duck session of Congress has just begun, and already some Democrats are caving to GOP pressure to pass a massive last-minute giveaway to Big Pharma. Thankfully, Elizabeth Warren is fighting back.

Last night, she gave a barnburner speech on the Senate floor taking aim at the so-called "21st Century Cures" Act and the Democrats supporting it:

"When American voters say Congress is owned by big companies, this bill is exactly what they are talking about. Now, we face a choice. Will this Congress say that yes, we're bought and paid for, or will we stand up and work for the American people?

The American people didn't give Democrats majority support so we could come back to Washington and play dead. They didn't send us here to whimper, whine, or grovel. They sent us here to say NO to efforts to sell Congress to the highest bidder. They sent us here to stand up for what's right. Now, they are watching, waiting, and hoping -- hoping we show some spine and start fighting back when Congress completely ignores the message of the American people and returns to all its same old ways.

Republicans will control this government -- but they cannot hand over that control to big corporations unless Democrats roll over and allow them to do so."

As usual, Sen. Warren nailed it. If Democrats want to be the party of working families, they need to stand up to Republicans who want to shovel money into the pockets of shady drug companies, big dollar GOP donors and Donald Trump -- especially when that means flooding the market with untested and potentially dangerous medical treatments.

Sign our petition telling Democrats in Congress to vote NO on the GOP's gigantic giveaway to drug companies now.

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SIGN THE PETITION: End the Electoral College—and elect the president by National Popular Vote

On Sunday, Donald Trump went on Twitter again to inject another dangerous lie into our national discourse, making the ridiculous claim that he "won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

Trump's outrageous tweet was immediately condemned and denounced by voting experts, the media, and even conservatives as both a brazenly cynical attempt to undermine public perception of Hillary Clinton's national popular vote lead -- now more than 2 million votes and counting -- and a racist dog whistle attack on voting rights in advance of the 2018 and 2020 elections.

The truth is that no matter who you voted for in 2016, an overwhelming majority of Americans -- 62%, according to one public poll of registered voters on November 15-16 -- think that the Electoral College system is broken and believe that the winner of the White House should be determined by National Popular Vote. According to Gallup, a majority of Americans have wanted to abolish the Electoral College every time the question has been asked, going back to 1967.

Agree? Then please join Democracy for America members across the country, who are using the National Popular Vote email tool right now to contact state legislators and ask them to pass a National Popular Vote bill. Click here to send your email today.

The National Popular Vote interstate compact would make every vote equal throughout the United States and ensure that every voter, in every state, will matter in every presidential election.

Here's how it works and how we could pass the National Popular Vote by 2020:

  • The U.S. Constitution (Article II, Section 1) gives the states exclusive control over awarding their electoral votes.
  • Under the National Popular Vote interstate compact, participating states would award ALL of their Electoral College votes to the candidate who receives the most popular votes nationally. 
  • The National Popular Vote interstate compact would not take effect until enacted by states possessing a majority of the electoral votes -- that is, 270 out of 538 Electoral College votes. 
  • Currently ten states and the District of Columbia have already adopted the National Popular Vote plan -- this includes both Republican and Democratic controlled legislatures. These states (and D.C.) currently represent 165 total electoral votes. 
  • If we can get states that represent 105 more electoral votes on board (for a total of 270 votes), then this plan would immediately take effect -- and we would never have a repeat of the 2000 or 2016 election again. 

Democracy for America has been working to support the National Popular Vote interstate compact for many years. But it's taken on a powerful new urgency as we face the nightmare of Donald Trump occupying the White House. We cannot wait any longer.

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Sign the petition: Swing states need to audit the presidential vote

A report by New York magazine revealed that "Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump."

CNN, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and several other news outlets quickly picked up the story -- though FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver and Nate Cohn from the New York Times expressed skepticism.

What no one can dispute is that Hillary Clinton is now leading Donald Trump in the popular vote by 1.7 million votes. And once California finishes its count, her lead could exceed more than 2 million votes.

Unfortunately, the popular vote is meaningless in our Electoral College system. Trump is winning the Electoral College vote thanks to very narrow leads in key swing states such as Wisconsin (27,000 votes) and Pennsylvania (68,000 votes). And two weeks after the election, Michigan is still too close to call.

Voters in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan cast paper ballots that are counted by electronic machines. Fortunately, these machines can be audited to ensure that the results are reported correctly.

Given the high stakes of this election -- and how incredibly close the vote is in crucial states -- it's essential that the American people have confidence the election was fairly won. That's why Democracy for America is joining the call for key swing states to audit the vote.

An audit would not be a full recount, but a statistically valid sample that will prove whether the actual votes match the reported totals. If there's something wrong, we'll have evidence to take action -- before the Electoral College meets in December.

Time is running out: Sign the "Audit the Vote" petition to demand swing states audit the presidential election before the results are certified and the Electoral College meets on December 19.


Sign the petition: Sen. Schumer, stand up to Donald Trump

This post-election nightmare ushered in by Donald Trump is getting ugly fast.

On Friday morning, Trump selected Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general. Sessions is an ultra-conservative who was previously denied a federal judgeship in 1986 for calling the NAACP "un-American," referring to an African-American federal prosecutor as “boy,” and disparaging the Voting Rights Act.

We cannot “wait and see” what a Donald Trump administration will be like. He has already made it abundantly clear.

In the days following the election, Donald Trump has offered a top White House position to a white supremacist, mocked Americans exercising their first amendment right to protest in response to his campaign of hate, and refused to rebuke a campaign surrogate who defended a proposed illegal registration program of Muslim Americans by citing the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Democracy for America -- and our friends at MoveOn, CREDO, and across the progressive movement -- agree: Chuck Schumer and Democratic leaders need to stop playing footsie with Trump and pretending we can find common ground on some issues without also legitimizing Trump’s bigoted and hate-fueled agenda.

Tell Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats to stand up to Trump and refuse to collaborate on his racist agenda. There can be no compromise on rejecting bigotry.

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