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Susan Smith
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A quality public education is the foundation of a bright future -- for our children, our state and our nation. But in Florida, a bill entitled “Parent Empowerment” will do the exact opposite. This bill, also know as the Parent Trigger bill, will take away our rights as parents and concerned community members to have a say in our children's education, and will empower for-profit management corporations to put profits first.

SB 862 silences the voices of the local taxpayers by taking away the elected school districts’ power and handing the ultimate decision regarding the school to the appointed State Board of Education.

We, the undersigned, believe that education is at its best when it is a collaborative effort between students, teachers, parents, the local neighborhoods and communities, and local school boards whose first and only interest is our children. Money should not interfere with improving the future of our kids. We call on the members of the Senate Education Committee to pull the bill, not the trigger.

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