Respect the Voters' Wishes for Partisan Elections in Macon-Bibb County


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Georgia General Assembly



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Fred Swann
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Last November the voters of Macon and Bibb County approved a referendum to consolidate the government. The wording of the referendum clearly stipulated partisan elections for officeholders in consolidated Macon-Bibb County. Now, some members of the Georgia legislature are proposing legislation to make these elections nonpartisan, ignoring the wishes of the people. We urge the Georgia Legislature to retain partisan elections in Macon-Bibb County as promised in the referendum approved by the voters.

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  • Barbara Campbell
  • Donna Williams
  • Fred Swann
  • Harlan McCullar
  • Sarah Hunt
  • Stacy Jenkins
  • James Beverly
  • Nancy Swann
  • Al Tillman
  • Henry Ficklin
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