In all Fairness: Cut Federal Retirement Funds & FEHB of Congressmen/women


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Beneficiaries of Social Security and Medicare now and in the future. Congressmen/women would no longer received federal retirement funds or FEHB.


Budget and Taxes

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Carol Holtman
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As a trade off for cutting Social Security Benefits and Medicare Benefits for the average American as a means for reducing the deficit; the regular retirement and health benefits of Congressmen/women would be cut at the rate being proposed on SS and Medicare by Congress. (Or whatever rate determined to be fair during bipartisan negotiations.)

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  • Gary Seaman
  • Jack Wagner
  • William Mclaughlin
  • dawn lacroix
  • Shelia Huff
  • Patty Henry
  • Paul Acker-Taxis
  • Renee D'Argento
  • Andrea DiMarzio
  • E Smith
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