Inequality for All

Robert Reich's powerful new film "Inequality for All" exposes the imbalance of the U.S. economy and lays out what we can do moving forward. Join Democracy for America in taking action:

Step 1: Listen to a discussion of "Inequality for All" with Robert Reich and Howard Dean

Click here for the recording of the Robert Reich and Howard Dean conference call. 

Step 2: Watch "Inequality for All" or help bring it to your area

"Inequality for All" opens in select theaters starting the weekend of September 28th.
Look to see if the film is coming to your town and create an event to go see "Inequality for All" with other DFA members.

If "Inequality for All" isn't coming to your town, please start a campaign to bring it to your local theater.

Step 3: Join a campaign to combat income inequality or start a campaign of your own

1. Help raise the minimum wage -- Join with fast food workers at McDonald's in calling for a living wage
2. Protect American families -- Call on President Obama to veto any cuts to food stamps
3. Expand Social Security -- Support the Harkin/Begich plans to expand Social Security
4. Start your own campaign -- Create a YouPower campaign

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