Campus Empowerment Training

Do you or your candidate have the skills necessary to win your student government election? Do you desire to make progressive changes on your campus? Do you believe that your student government association can help you make change?

Democracy for America’s Campus Empowerment Training (CET) will teach you the basics of campaigning including messaging, recruitment, fundraising, and how to get out the vote. These interactive online classes are taught by experienced organizers who have organized successful student government campaigns. These classes aim to empower students with the skills & tools needed to elect progressive champions. 

Sessions are free, held online and interactive. 

Click here to apply for the 2014 Campus Empowerment Training series. 

What are you going to learn? 

Training dates & times will be emailed to participants invited to attend the training series.

- Introduction Session

- Research & Preparation (Rules and Reconnaissance)

- Coalition Building and Slate Building

- Identifying Problems/Issues and Platform Building

- Successful Fundraising

- Campaign Planning

- Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

- Get Out the Vote Tactics

- The Campaign is over. Now what?

Click here to apply for the 2014 Campus Empowerment Training series.  

In addition to the training session and materials, participants are given access to seasoned consultants who are available throughout your campaign for questions, coaching and feedback.

Applications are due by 6pm PT on January 27, 2014. Applicants will be contacted by January 31, 2014

 Email Monique at [email protected] with questions. 

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