December 8, 2012
By Thomas Janowski | 0 comments

President Obama came into office and immediately seemed to walk a very thin line so as not to offend anyone.  In the process he offended many.  Compromise was his goal.  Bringing two sides together no matter the legislative results was his unfortunate gift to us in his first term.  

Sadly, the first term saw a reduction in conventional war and an increase in drone strikes taking out innocent women and children.  The first term saw a continuation of the Patriot Act.  There has been lip service paid to environmental concerns yet in the end, President Obama took a Republican-Lite energy/environmental policy of "all of the above" and he even announced his support for hydrofracking and more about clean coal during his last State of the Union.  

Well, now we have to make President Obama realize that the environment is in a state of emergency.  There is no time to waste.  Bold, even shocking, action needs to be taken now in hopes of slowing climate change to avoid future disaster.  Energy and environmental policy today must reflect the urgent need to start healing our environment by putting the environment and people first.  It's time to stop coddling the corporations.  It's time to set a timeline for the phasing out of fossil fuel use.  

Remember the President works for us.  We elected him.  We pay his salary.  Start acting like his boss.  Tell him what to do.

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