Apr 23 2014

April meetup: NSA spying panel + Adventures with ALEC

12:00am PDT

Northern District Police Station
1125 Fillmore
San Francisco CA


  • Jeff Whittington

About This Event:

American citizens and foreigners alike are outraged at the extent of the massive NSA spying campaign revealed by Edward Snowden and others. Come out and hear about it from civil rights, government, and business points of view.

Speakers: Confirmed - Chris Conley, ACLU; Rainey Reitman of Electronic Freedom Foundation. Invited - a representative from Senator Feinstein's office and a speaker from Yahoo.com.

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The powerful, subversive, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council was flying completely under the radar just a few years ago, but now we know much more about them. Come out and hear what they've accomplished so far, what they're trying to push through in years to come, and some interesting facts about collaborators in California.

Speaker: Sarah Swanbeck of Common Cause.

Location: Northern District Police Station, 1125 Fillmore

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  • Jeff Whittington
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