May 05 2014

Group Meeting: May 5, 7 p.m.

07:00pm PDT

The location will be emailed several days prior to the event to those who have rsvp'ed on this page


  • Anja Carde

About This Event:

We will have our May meeting on Monday May 5, 7:00 p.m.
when we will be looking back as well as forwards.
The June 3 Primaries are very near! Absentee ballots will go out soon!

1. How can we be useful in the upcoming "Primaries"?
2. Robert Spitzer will give us an overview of the judicial choices on the ballot.
3. The "Inequality for All" movie event of April 13th, what worked?
4. Discuss the Riverside Co. Progressives?
5. Any other newsworthy items in our area.

Attend this event

  • Robert Spitzer
  • Joe Hamlin
  • Anja Carde
  • Ring Carde
  • Alice Ax
  • Catherine Mason
  • Maggi Janowitz johnson
  • Luisa Tassan
  • Richard DeWaele
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