Mar 04 2014

Governor Perry's refusal to accept Medicaid Expansion

12:00pm CST

Southern gates of Capitol grounds
11th Street at Congress Avenue
Austin TX


  • Ron Coldiron

About This Event:

An alliance of Austin activists will be gathering on the sidewalk at the South gates of the Capitol grounds at noon next Tuesday, March 4th. As you probably know, Governor Perry, along with several other Republican governors, declined to accept Medicaid Expansion for their most endangered citizens. In Texas, this means that for over 1 million of our fellow citizens, their only health care will be the costly (for all of us!) visits to the emergency rooms. Yes, we all pay for this capricious and highly politicized decision by our Governor.
We will be gathering at noon to listen to our local state representatives speak about this heinous decision that will shorten the lives of many citizens. We will also ask any from the gathered group to speak about their situations under this decision.
If you can join us and raise your voice against the Governor's decision and in support of the million uninsured Texans, please sign up and get additional information using the following link:
We will have signs and, as I stated earlier, speakers. We expect this to be a media event.

State Capitol grounds, South Gates, 11th St. at Congress Avenue
Austin, TX
Tuesday, March 4th, 12:00 NOON

It's high time that Governor Perry stopped standing in the way of health care for all Texans. His refusal to accept Medicaid Expansion has left over 1 million Texans uninsured. Gather with us at the South gates of the Capitol as we raise our voices to protest against this indifference to the lives of our fellow citizens.

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  • Ron Coldiron
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