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As a new DFA Chapter in Austin, we are working with other local groups to spread the word about DFA and The American Dream Movement, the 99% Spring, and other coalitions of dozens of Progressive groups nation-wide that are determined to build a significant political voice in our nation's political dialogue, and to make a difference in local, state, and national elections. We also show our solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement at numerous rallies and protests in Austin. We are the 99%! We invite you to join us as we participate in support of Progressive actions supporting Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, Universal access to health care, public schools, The Middle Class, reasonable gun reform, Wall Street reform and investigation, and protests against Right-Wing outrages of all kinds. We have free DFA shirt stickers and 'Jobs not cuts' bumperstickers available at most events. This is a critical time for Progressives (and all Democrats) to get active. We need a local DFA group active everywhere possible to prevent the Republicans from completely dismantling our state and national government! Please join us today, and let's speak out for Justice, Freedom, and many other Progressive Issues!

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