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Location: Post Office Box 2112 New Britain, CT, 06050 About: Welcome to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Join us as we work to inspire hope for a better future in New Britain, Connecticut. For quality education For job creation For property tax reform For neighborhood quality of life For a better future. Email: [email protected] Phone: (860) 796-4059 Website: http://www.newbritaindemocrat.org The Democratic Town Committee Members by District Voting District 1: Tom Bozek, Frank Gerratana, Richard Lopes, Peter Spano Voting District 2: Lidia Agramonte-Gomez, Wilfredo Justiniano, Susan McKinley, Laura Woodie Voting District 3: Alton Brooks, Kayleigh Jimenez, Connie Wilson Collins Voting District 4: Carlo Carlozzi, Roy Centeno, Michael Dagata, Eva Magnuszewski Voting District 5: Nereida Claudio, Francisco Cuin, John Valengavich, Pernell Young Voting District 6: Emma Pierce, Michael Platosz, Adam Platosz Voting District 7: Elrick George, Emanuel Sanchez, Robert Sanchez Voting District 8: Shirley Black, Richard Marzi, Vicky Ramos Voting District 9 David DeFronzo, Michael Maloney, Vacancy Voting District 10: Lily Kieltyka, Rosemary Klotz, Peter Kochol, Stephanie Podewell Voting District 11: Raymond Matyszyk, Andrzej Lesniak, Jaclyn Falkowski Voting District 12: John Catanzaro, Yvette Ghannam, Earl Proulx Voting District 13: Kim Dorfman, Wjociech Pirog, Teresa Sapieha Yanchak, Todd Szabo Voting District 14: Liza Andrews, Zulma Garcia, Paula Mele, Peter Tercyak Voting District 15: Paul Catanzaro, Peruse Khachoyan, Richard Reyes


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DFA members are the lifeline in our democratic process, and strengthen their communities through collective actions and shared values, launching local grassroots campaigns, supporting candidates and tackling issues. Thank you for being a part of NB Dems - Hope for a Better Future!!.

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