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Please join us for the 2013 Red to Blue Grassroots Dinner on Friday, April 12 in Sacramento!

2013 Red to Blue Grassroots Democrats Fundraiser Dinner

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Take Back Red California (TBRC) is a grassroots coalition that connects northern California Democrats in urban counties with northern California Democratic activists working in rural counties especially on a local level. We formed with the conviction that in order to successfully challenge the Republican's foothold in California, our highest priority should be development of and aggressive support for an active local base of Democrats in rural counties. TBRC is a partnership between northern California counties that offers rural areas financial, technical, and volunteer support to build a strong Democratic base and develop long-term Democratic political viability in predominately Republican-held areas. The goal of the Take Back Red California partnership is to share the resources -- volunteers and money -- of blue Bay Area counties with red counties and jurisdictions. Our purpose is to win elections. We will NOT allow California to become a "swing state." For further information on how you may help, please sign up at the TBRC's website listed above.

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