Western PA-DFA


A DFA Group that was created by Lou Hancherick

Founded in 2005.

About this group

A grassroots group of local activists organized to change the direction of our Country by working to elect progressive candidates to Local, State and Federal office.


  • Joseph Talarico
  • Kevin Caridad
  • Lou Hancherick
  • Audrey Zelanko

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What We're Doing

Campaign Friends of Kris Mbah
by Kris Mbah created on Sep 27, 2014 04:15AM

Event Fossil-free Energy Fair
by Lou Hancherick created on Jun 16, 2013 06:56PM

Group Western PA-DFA
by Lou Hancherick created on Nov 19, 2012 10:23AM

DFA members are the lifeline in our democratic process, and strengthen their communities through collective actions and shared values, launching local grassroots campaigns, supporting candidates and tackling issues. Thank you for being a part of Western PA-DFA.

Members (67)

  • Joseph Talarico
  • Kathy Shaughnessy
  • Aaron Rihn
  • Betty Ferderber
  • Center for progressive Leadership
  • Maureen Lyons-weiler
  • Mike and rhonda Santoro
  • Bill Painter
  • Dan Taylor
  • Lou Hancherick
  • Frank Kirkwood
  • Jen Goncalves
  • Je'amour Matthew
  • Audrey Zelanko
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