Apr 03 2013

Let's do it again!

07:00pm EDT

Sunset Tavern
7232 SW 59th Ave
South Miami FL


  • Wendy Sejour

About This Event:

Join us for the 2nd DFAM meeting of the year. DFA has announced a new initiative to take back State Legislatures across the country and DFAM is signing up. Help us make plans and have fun at the same time. We are meeting at Sunset Tavern on the outside patio, come early for happy hour (6 pm) and social time.

We'll also be discussing other local issues so we can work on making sure we hold our elected officials accountable!

Attend this event

  • Wendy Sejour
  • Franco Caliz
  • Lucia Baez
  • America Schroh
  • Esther Garvett
  • Jeremy Kozyak
  • Carmen Candelaria
  • david kent
  • Alejandro Almirola
  • Dona Dailey
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