"Inequality for All" in Palm Springs

Oct 29 2013

"Inequality for All" is finally playing in Palm Springs! Join DFA members for a special showing.

07:30pm PDT

Camelot Theaters
2300 E. Baristo Road
Palm Springs CA


  • Karli Wallace

About This Event:

Claire C. used a Youpower campaign to convince Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs to show Robert Reich's new documentary "Inequality for All". Now, she would like to invite you to watch the film with her and other DFA members on Monday, 10/28.

Attend this event

  • Lois Duran
  • Tom Hamilton
  • Elise Hamilton
  • Karli Wallace
  • Madeline Carlin
  • Joseph Davis
  • Tamara Baron
  • Jules Ross
  • Denise Janssen Eager
  • Carole Krechman
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