DFA Houston helps Mayor Annise Parker

Sep 21 2013

Progressives for a Progressive Mayor

03:00pm CDT

Annise Parker Campaign Headquarters
2160B Portsmouth Street
Houston TX


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  • Franco Caliz

About This Event:

As Mayor, Annise Parker has submitted a balanced budget every year without laying off police and firefighters, and without increasing taxes on working Houstonians. She has also secured more than $180 million in flood preparation and street construction, with more on the way.

That's why Democracy for America is excited to support Annise Parker for Mayor in Houston. Under her leadership Houston has become safer, and even healthier for the environment, with City Government now getting 50% of its energy from renewable sources.

Volunteer your time to help keep Houston on the right track.

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  • Franco Caliz
  • Adra B Hooks
  • Zeke Duran iii
  • Shahadat-nishan Khan
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