Expand Social Security Press Conference (Houston)

Aug 01 2013

The people want to expand Social Security not cut it!

12:00pm CDT

Outside Local U.S. Senate Office
5300 Memorial Drive
Houston TX


  • Jay Henderson

About This Event:

Despite the propaganda of the austerity crowd, an overwhelming majority of Americans don't want to cut Social Security, they want to expand it.

Join DFA, PCCC and other friendly progressives for a press conference in Trenton this Thursday at noon where we will discuss why Social Security is a fiscally sustainable program that is essential for the health of the middle class.

Attend this event

  • Jay Henderson
  • Mari Spaeth
  • G. g. Gibson
  • Chuck Ellis
  • Marjorie Nichols
  • Donna Hahus
  • Will Wooten
  • Robert Hiller
  • Elizabeth ODear
  • Frederick Denkins
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