Action Summit in Tampa, Fl!

Jan 17 2013

Action summit on lobbying!

06:00pm EST

Postal Workers Hall
4409 W Alva St
Tampa FL


  • Franco Caliz

About This Event:

Have you ever wanted to go up to a councilman and tell them why they need to fix their building code? Do you want to pass legislation to improve transportation funding in Florida? How would you go about it though?

Come to our Tampa Action Summit this Thursday, January 17th to learn the basics of lobbying your representatives, planning out an event and delivering your message.

An Action Summit is a free, fast paced, and fun training session designed to inform and
energize activists in support of local progressive causes and candidates. It's all about taking action and taking command of your community. We want to prepare activists to talk to their representatives and lobby them on issues from the environment to education.

Tampa's Action Summit will both refresh experienced activists and help newcomers polish their organizing skills -- there's a role for everyone in the fight for a more progressive Florida and a real need for activists like you to emerge and make their mark on politics.

Attend this event

  • Padmini Durr
  • Henry Jackson
  • Franco Caliz
  • michael weston
  • Cathy Casas
  • Blannie Whelan
  • Susan Smith
  • alex ayala
  • Savanah Goodland
  • Edwin Enciso
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