Who am I?

I was born and raised in mining country, Superior, Arizona. I am a fourth-generation Arizonan. My husband Earl and I are proud parents, grandparents and great grandparents. We are small business owners as well. I have been involved in community and grassroots efforts my entire career. While a student at Arizona State University I became active and participated in non-violent demonstrations aimed at improving working conditions for farm workers. During that period I also became involved in political campaigns to encourage young Latinos and Latinas to seek political office in Arizona. One of those efforts changed the election system for the City of Phoenix from an at-large system to a district system. As a result of the change I became the first Latina to serve on both the Phoenix City Council and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Why am I running?

I am running for congress to fix a broken system that has failed the citizens of Arizona and Maricopa County. My 31 years of experience as a City of Phoenix Councilwoman and as a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have prepared me to continue my service to my community in Washington. Congressman Ed Pastor the current holder of this office has endorsed me. He feels that my 31 years of experience have prepared me to continue his excellent record of service for this office.

My Goals

My three top policy goals are a women’s rights, comprehensive immigration reform and the affordable care act.

Women’s rights in one on my top priorities. I strongly support a women’s right to choose. A women’s health should be between her and her doctor. We have made some positive strides in affording equal opportunities for women, but still have a long ways to go. I will work to pass legislation that continues to improve opportunities for women. I am a strong supporter of equal pay for equal work.

Comprehensive immigration control is long overdue. I have been in the forefront in the push for comprehensive Immigration Reform and serve as President of the National Association of Counties Hispanic Elected Officials Board and co-chair of the National Association of Counties Immigration Task Force. . I will work very hard to pass comprehensive immigration reform. I will work not only on passing immigration legislation, but I will make sure that the implementation of immigration policy is fair. I will fight the current deportation policy that damages hard working families and results in the separation of families. I will work to pass the DREAM Act. I am not afraid to take on tough fights on behalf of my constituents. I have been one of Arizona’s strongest voices against the abusive racial profiling policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. When Arpaio targeted me with trumped-up charges, I fought back and was vindicated by the courts.
I am a strong supporter of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. I will work in Congress to improve the current law and will vote against any attempt to repeal the Act. The Affordable Care Act is now providing insurance coverage for health care costs to millions of Americans that have not had insurance for decades. Additionally, the Presidents Affordable Care Act provides more accessible and affordable services including family planning, affordable birth control, cancer screenings and other preventative health care to individuals that would not have insurance in the past.

My DFA Values

I believe that being directly involved in community issues is the most effective way to serve the people that have elected me in the past. I have long history of positive constituent’s services. I have served my constituents for three decades, getting results for people in the community--the people who work hard and play by the rules, but don’t always have a voice. I have a long positive record of working to improve the health, education and safety of children. My husband and I founded and still sponsor a late night basketball league, which keeps young people off the streets and in a productive environment on summer nights.

I am a strong advocate for civil rights. I am not afraid to take on the hard fights. I took on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his racial profiling activities and won. I strongly support a women’s right to choose. I believe that everyone is entitled to equality and that equality not be denied nationally or by any state due to sexual orientation. I believe the security and safety or our neighborhoods is extremely important. As a survivor of gun violence, I know how important it is to keep firearms away from dangerous people. Because of the NRA, Arizona has one of the deadliest gun records. I want to reverse that. I started Maricopa County’s first gun-back program. My success as an elected official is due my hands on methods of direct communication with the people I serve.

My Campaign is People Powered!

Community organizations and community leaders are contacting me to do what they can in my efforts to represent them in Congress. In addition to the night basketball league I describe earlier. . I have spearheaded local fundraising to keep a local gem, “Grant Park”, during an era of City Budget cuts. I have fought to keep this park open, well-lit and safe for neighborhood children. I have been the official head start representative for Maricopa County for 20 years, I helped create the local “Kool Kids” program that provides access to swimming pools for low income children. I have also assisted in the creation of library programs for summer reading. For 16 years I have spearheaded the D-Backs Jam that brings 2000 5th graders to a Diamondback baseball game for doing community work. Additionally, I have assisted in creating summer reading programs in local libraries. My campaign is reaching out to numerous community groups that are familiar with my record of community service and we utilizing social media techniques to reach voter as well.

Voice support


  • Toby Stahl, AZ

About the Endorsement Process

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements is our members. We recognize that all politics is local and that what is considered progressive in Los Angeles may be very different from what's considered progressive in Louisville. For this reason, DFA does not have a litmus test of specific progressive positions for which a candidate must stand. Our endorsement is heavily weighted based on these questions:

• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

If you have questions, or want to let us know about a candidate in your neighborhood, please call us at (802) 651-3200 or email us at [email protected] .

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