Who am I?

I am a publisher and community organizer. Through my publication, organizing and networking efforts and activism my goal is to raise awareness on issues that affect us all and to furnish the knowledge and tools to empower each individual to reach their highest potential.
I believe one person can make a difference; that the good of whole begins with the individual and that united we can achieve great things.
In addition to my role as publisher, I currently serve as Chairperson on the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO) Board of Directors. Since 1996 I have served on the Earth Day Alliance, Inc. Board, coordinating the annual Earth Day Fair for SLO County. I have and continue to sponsor free public events i.e. health fairs, peace rallies and marches.
It all began in 1976 when I co-coordinated the SLO County Yes on 15 NO Nuke campaign. I joined the Mothers for Peace; moved into non violent direct actions in 1977, co-founded the Abalone Alliance and was arrested at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in 1978.
I am a an activist.

Why am I running?

It's time to get money out of politics, replace the do nothing congress and focus on things that matter to the 99% - us. I can no longer sit on the sidelines watching time, money and energy being wasted while the people of our nation suffer.

My top issue is Campaign Finance Reform. Corporations and the 1% are now able to buy mid-term elections. It's time to put integrity back into politics. e need a Congress that can put party politics aside and is willing to work together.

My votes may be similar to the incumbent but they come with a fresh strong and courageous voice; free from past obligations. I will approach each issue with action and serve with the same energy and results that I bring at home.

I am willing to stand up and work for the change we've been asking for. Do you have the courage to vote for change? Or are you willing to keep everything the same.

My Goals

#1 Campaign finance reform. I will work with the Sunlight Foundation in their recent recommendation of reporting donations over $1,000 within 24 hours.

#2 Climate Change. We must take immediate action to lower emissions across the board.

#3 Healthcare for all. I support a single payer plan. Expose insurance companies and how the healthcare system really works.

My DFA Values

I strongly support and share DFA values. They are likes pages from my life, topics of publisher's letters I have written.
I am running because I believe in Community, Security and Liberty. These values are possible and attainable. They are the American Dream come true.
We must invest our energy and make our message loud, clear and strong about the positive affects of embracing the DFA values.

My Campaign is People Powered!

I came late to this race. We have begun forming our foundation. We are building our force through out the 24th district from the north to the south. We are using some social networking and will be increasing this in the next week. I will be driving from town to town over the next 6 weeks.
We are reaching out to progressive groups across the nation.
As the publisher and event promoter in SLO County I have a following/connections.
We will have yard signs, meet & greets.
I am being featured with the other candidates in the top two papers.
We are reaching out to the Progressives in SLO County.

Voice support


  • Teresa Lana, CA
  • Shevon Sullivan
  • Jason Cantu, CA
  • Je Goolsby
  • Barbara Hernandez, CA
  • lindsey collins
  • Shawn Bostrom, CA
  • Cheri Frost
  • Roslyn Scheuerman, CA
  • Ruth ellen Madocks, CA
...and 3 more.

About the Endorsement Process

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements is our members. We recognize that all politics is local and that what is considered progressive in Los Angeles may be very different from what's considered progressive in Louisville. For this reason, DFA does not have a litmus test of specific progressive positions for which a candidate must stand. Our endorsement is heavily weighted based on these questions:

• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

If you have questions, or want to let us know about a candidate in your neighborhood, please call us at (802) 651-3200 or email us at [email protected] .

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