Who am I?

Gabriel Rothblatt, born October 5, 1982, grew up in Washington, DC where he admired the public officials who fought to help working families. From an early age Gabriel’s family instilled in him the importance of justice, service and ingenuity. Gabriel’s father, Martine Rothblatt, is a well-known lawyer, author and entrepreneur in Satellite Communications and Biotechnology and his mother, Bina Aspen, is a homemaker. Gabriel comes from a proud line of veterans. All of Gabriel's grandfathers and uncles have served and his brother is currently a Lt. in the US Army. Gabriel is proud of those who have fought for our freedom and he will fight for their security.

Gabriel Rothblatt knows from his own experience what it means to work in today’s economy. Having labored in factories, managed franchises, sold insurance, and now works as a property manager. Gabriel hopes to use that life experience and solid education in politics for the benefit of the people of Florida’s 8th Congressional District. As Gabriel has for his family he wants to help all individuals achieve the “American Dream.”

Gabriel began his undergraduate education at Goddard College, where he met his wife Taj. He transferred to the University of Vermont to study Political Philosophy and graduated in the bicentennial class of 2004. After laboring in jobs ranging from factory work to business franchising, Gabriel Rothblatt knows what it takes to make ends meet. His diverse racial, religious, educational and professional experiences have given him an understanding of what the modern American looks like. He now hopes to put his real world perspective to work for the people in Florida’s 8th Congressional District.

Gabriel and his wife Taj have been inseparable for 12 years and have four children; Asata Reign, 10, Zion Malik, 8, Justice Aspen, 6 and Saturn Davinci, 4. Spending time with family is extremely important to Gabriel. He believes the connections made at an early age between parents and children are fundamental in the development of a productive person. The Rothblatt family currently resides in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Why am I running?

I come from a family of Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Union Organizers. I strongly believe that the privilege of citizenship comes with the responsibility of service. I have a unique, diverse and empowering story, which I believe is needed to inform our national conversation.

I grew up in a 'Modern Family' I'm the Black-Jewish son of a transgender parent. What really makes my family unique is not our differences, but our traditions. Despite being biracial, inter-religious and LGBT, we have stuck together. Coming from that background, I have been married 13 years and have 4 kids of my own. It's a living testament to the fact the it's not biology, but love that makes a family.

I also have always had a deep connection to space. As far back as I can remember I have chartered my life in comparison to humanities settlement of the stars. Becoming the Representative of the Space Coast, is the closest realization of my life purpose of being a founding father of the first autonomous government in space. Beyond my belief in settlement, is the fact that pursuing space makes us more sustainable on Earth.

My Goals

Primary Platform

While there are many issues we need to be concerned about, the following three form a circle of success for a society. Education provides the ability to gain purposeful employment. Avoiding technological unemployment and the humiliating labor left unmechanized is vital in attaining the level of prosperity needed to support dependents. Without a family structure, passing down heritage and family values is unlikely; our society begins to loose social identity and children fail to attain the necessary level of education.

Education - The most fundamental responsibility we have is to educate or children. Both our democracy and our economy require rational people to make informed choices. If we get this right, the flaws in our systems will repair themselves. If we get this wrong, no matter how great a system we have it will fail.

Both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson fought tirelessly to enusre free public education was available. It was there understanding our Republic could not survive without it. Benjamin Franklin particularly fought for the modernization of the educational curriculum, a revolution we need once again.

Jobs - In the technological world we live in, entire industries are created and mechanized within the span of a decade. Gone are the days when someone can expect to pursue a single career throughout their life. To compete we must have a workforce that is able to outpace technological unemployment, by being versatile enough to train and retrain as technology advances.

What is technological unemployment? Technological unemployment is a type of unemployment that is caused by technological change. For example, the mechanised assembly line drastically reduced the need for labor. Accounting software decreases the need for CPAs, wheels on suitcases decreases the need for porters... the ability to identify and be versatile to these changes is an essential skill in the future economy.

Family - Love makes a family. But to support a family it takes livable wages that allow for parents to know their children. It has become too difficult for a working adults to support a family, because of that we are seeing the family unit deteriorate. We must give all children the best chance at success by ensuring they have appropriate support structures.

What is more important than how you got your child is how you care for them. Acceptance of same-sex parenting is a political and social necessity. The business of an individual's private sexual practices has no place in political discourse and is irrelevant to the nurturing of children.

My DFA Values

My life is a story about being Red, White and 'Blew.' I'm mixed, African/Caucasian, Jewish and raised in a LGBT family. Despite my untraditional background, I've been with my wife for 12 years, and we have 4 kids. I'm A cub scout leader, a volunteer for Israel, and an ambassador in my community. I come from a family of veterans, my brother is a Lt. and for the last three generations virtually all the men in my family have served.

I have personally experienced how the intolerance of others not only infringes liberty but also robs many people like myself of community. As a teenager I developed the personal monicker of being "To black to be Jewish and too Jewish to be black."

On both sides of my family the first generations to arrive in America were met with violence. Although untraceable, my slave ancestors who arrived here most certainly lost lives through the violent conditions. My great-grandfather Isadore Rothblatt, a Leatherworker's Union Organizer in Chicago, died from wounds received in a beating from corporate thugs. I value my family heritage and have always been a strong voice for the people's right to congregate and express their freedom of speech.

Florida has become a haven for Christian nationalism. In addition to Women, Jews, Muslims, Unions, Cancer Survivors and many other groups, I speak out for a return to secularism in politics and education.

Humanist groups as well as free-thought societies and the religiously unaffiliated consist of more than 20% of the American population. Unfortunately, the rhetoric in this country has been so damning of those with the courage to live moral lives without faith in idols, that few leaders are willing to speak out to defend freedom of and from religion. I am and will continue to be a leader who will not hesitate to speak the truth, no matter how inconvenient.

My Campaign is People Powered!

In Florida many people have had their right to vote taken. I am empowering a team of citizens who can no longer vote, but care about their communities to get involved in petitioning and phone banking, showing them that even without a vote, they can still have a voice.

Americans under 18, foreign students studying here in America also yearn to be invested in the political system. While neither of these two groups can vote or donate they both can learn and engage in the grassroots progress and show their concern for the direction of our nation. Involvement in political campaigns is a great way to engage the youth of our nation and further entice the talented students we attract to keep their education and innovation in our country. My campaign empowers all three of these groups, along with Unions and the growing number of Americans calling for a wider respect of Secular Humanism.

Voice support


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About the Endorsement Process

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements is our members. We recognize that all politics is local and that what is considered progressive in Los Angeles may be very different from what's considered progressive in Louisville. For this reason, DFA does not have a litmus test of specific progressive positions for which a candidate must stand. Our endorsement is heavily weighted based on these questions:

• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

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