Vance Wyatt Election Campaign

Who am I?

Vance Wyatt is the son of Angela D. Jones and Carl L. Wyatt Sr., both of whom graduate from North Chicago Community High School 30 plus years ago. Before Graduating, he was selected to represent North Chicago at Illinois Premier Boy's State. In 2008, he was named Business Student of the Year for his outstanding achievements in Business Education; later that month he was awarded the 2008 John Cunnea Business Scholarship from Mathews Employment Services of Waukegan. In May 2008, he graduated in the top 11% of his class and continued his education in the College level.

In June 2008, Vance went to Robert Morris College and received a Professional Diploma in Business Administration. In 2011, he transferred to National-Louis University where he will be graduating with his Bachelors of Science in Management, May 2013. He also attended Concordia University Chicago and Capella University through 2009 to 2011.

While attending Concordia University Chicago he founded Young Democrats of Concordia, where he sat as its Chairman, Comptroller. He also served a part of the Concordias Student Leadership Council. In 2010, he was elected to a second term as Chairman, which he turned the position down and took off a year of school to focus on running for Alderman in the February 2011.

Since running for Alderman in 2011; Vance has formed a Business and Technology Consulting Firm that he sits as the President and as a Consultant; which is called WYATT Solutions.

Why am I running?

I am running for Park Commissioner because we as a community have lost our way. Instead of supporting our youth we have taken what little programs that was within our community in my youth and given that same money and transferred it to a Golf Course that mostly our neighboring towns citizens use. I intend on creating programs for our seniors and children. Its time for a true progressive candidate that can talk about solving our budget deficit without cutting core services to our children make on to our Park Board of Commissioners.

My Goals

Increase government transparency (Open Government)

I believe in having an open door policy. Every time there is a decision the people should be able to speak out for or against a topic. There should also be easy access to expenditures on projects, via online and in print. Stop government from making the decisions for the people, and instead put the people back in charge of their government. As your Park Commissioner, I will bring an open door policy to our City Government

Establish relationship with school district in order to start swimming classes

Many of use that have attended North Chicago High School know of the stairs too nowhere. Stairs that where promised to lead into the Schools new pool. As a Park Commissioner, I want to bridge the Park District and the School District in order to reopen our pool and start teaching our students how to swim. This would reduce the cost for the program because it would be joint venture.

More active activities for senior citizens

"Seniors are staying active longer than ever before, experts say. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found that only 35.5 percent" "the age of 65 dont have regular physical activity. The national average was 32.5 percent" As a Park Commissioner, I will work to have programs that will cater to our seniors. I would like to bring forth programs that all Seniors would enjoy.

Close the District Budget Deficit

The Fiscal Year 2012 Budget had a 1.26 Million Dollar Deficit. The only way we will be able balance the budget is getting a hold of our expenses. With the new Tax Cap, Property Tax cannot go up any further. It will mean the Board will need to take a hard look at the way we operate the District. I will propose us looking at our Administration cost, starting with the Board first. If we as Board members cannot make the tough decisions and cut ourselves how can we expect to have our hard working employees to swallow the cuts in benefits and our citizens to take cuts in their services.

Redevelop the Youth Center to better serve the Public

I believe that renovating the current Youth Center is to move all major Administrate offices out and into a new facility. This will allow more space within the current Youth Center for more recreation activates for our Seniors and Children.

Establish adult recreation activities

As a Park Commissioner, I want to establish Adult programs with national Organizations like the USTA Flex Leagues (United States Tennis Association) in order to bring athletic actives that will allow our community to grow and maintain quality physical health.

My DFA Values

This legacy campaign is missing this information

My Campaign is People Powered!

Knocking doors, stuffing envelopes, calling friends and family within the district.

Voice support


  • Paul Mackenzie, MA
  • Thomas Ulbert, IL
  • Sharhonda Jones, IL
  • Vance Wyatt, IL
  • David Lester, PA
  • Angela Jones

About the Endorsement Process

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• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

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