Who am I?

Former State Senator Jim Lewis is joining the race for Tennessee State Senate District 16 as a champion of public education, civil rights, and working class families. Called a committed, strong, loud, clear voice for people by the late Speaker of the Senate John Wilder, Lewis has served the Middle Tennessee community as a pharmacist for the past 42 years in addition to serving in the State Senate from 1982 to 1990.

Lewiss tenure in the State Senate is best remembered for his strong opposition to a previous assault on Tennessee teachers and schools, and he vows to continue that fight in his return to public life. I oppose the privatization of public schools, said Lewis. It seems as if those currently in power desire public schools to fail. Their only solution to saving public education is public education for a profit. Tennessee teachers know how to fix public education. We should listen to them rather than renting public schools to private corporations.

Jim is married to Stephanie Maughan Lewis, an English Teacher at South Pittsburg High School. He is a 1967 graduate of The University of Tennessee at Knoxville and a 1970 graduate of Samford College of Pharmacy in Birmingham. He is presently a staff pharmacist at Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga. Jims sons are Scott, a Tennessee State Trooper; Ryan, an engineering teacher at SPHS; Brett, a trainer for the ETSU basketball team; and Cooper, an honor student at SPHS. Daughters-in-law are Suzanne (Scott) with First Volunteer Bank in Jasper and Beth (Ryan), a teacher at Jasper Elementary School. Grandsons are Drew Ownby, a PFC in the U.S. Marine Corps, and Jackson, Michael, and Brady Lewis, who are students at South Pittsburg Elementary School. Jim is the owner of a small business, Poignant Media, located in Kimball, Tennessee.

Tennessee State Senate District 16 includes Marion, Grundy, Sequatchie, Van Buren, Warren, Coffee, and Franklin counties. The primary election will be held Thursday, August 2, 2012, and the general election will be held Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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Why am I running?

Commenting on the current political situation, Lewis said, Those currently in control in Nashville are not representing average citizens in Tennessee. Our citizens deserve far better. The rich have enough representation. The average citizen and the poor have almost none. While Tennesseans need jobs, those in control are talking cutscuts in civil rights, womens rights, voting rights, workers rights, healthcare, and public education. It seems as if those in control of Tennessee believe they have an obligation to punish all Tennesseans.

He added, We, the citizens of Tennessee, want our great state to lead the nation and the world in producing great jobs, fostering great public education, and establishing a great healthcare system for all Tennessee citizens. We all know that money is important, but people are more important than money. In 1982, I was given an opportunity to serve the people of my district, and I did my best to make sure all the people I represented were served whether they voted for me or not. If we average citizensDemocrats, Republicans and Independentsput our votes, our minds, and our backs to the tasks at hand and work together, we can reach these goals.

My Goals

1. Introduce legislation to allow each citizen of Tennessee the option to by the same insurance that state employees have.
2. Reverse the trend of privatization of public schools. Expand the building of small community based elementary schools. Lower the pupil teacher ration in grades kindergarden through the third grade to ten t one.

My DFA Values

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My Campaign is People Powered!

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