Jackie Centeno for Florida House of Representatives

Who am I?


Jackie was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was raised between Puerto Rico and the United States. She is a mother of four and a grandmother to four boys: Adonis, Daniel, Joshua, and Sebastian.
Ms. Centeno has been an educator for the past 16 years and currently holds the following degrees:

Master of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Community Psychology
Master of Arts in Spanish with a concentration on Latin American Literature
Currently enrolled at Argosy University in Educational Leadership Doctorate

She is fully bilingual in Spanish and English. Ms. Centeno currently works at MechTech Institute-Orlando Campus as Campus Coordinator/Education Director.
Campaign Platform

Ms. Centeno is working hard and focusing on the following community concerns:

EDUCATION It is imperative that we focus on improving the quality of education from pre-school to college. We need to prepare our students to compete in todays global market. We must look to future job markets in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. We must bring dollars to our county and maintain college costs affordable for all students. We must also support our vocational schools in promoting short term careers to meet the demands of the job market.

HEALTH CARE The continued increase in high costs for medical services has led us to take a harsh look our health care system. We need to increase the health services while maintaining low cost insurance. It is also necessary to insure that our elderly and our youth have affordable care. 20% of our employment is at Florida Hospital and Orlando Health.

VETERANSOur honor in our Veterans must go beyond our front door. The war has cost us not only the lives of our dear soldiers but also the need to have increase services for them when they return home. We need to find State funding for Veterans Hospital. We also need to establish criminal courts that will deal with returning veterans and PTSD issues. And we also need to increase job placement programs.

JOB CREATIONWe need to focus on legislation that increases job creation and the recovery of our economy. Tallahassee has focused on giving tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy; therefore it is imperative to establish a balance between corporate America and he citizens. We need funding of new infrastructure/construction to assist in the creation of new jobs. We need to provide trainings, support vocational schools and community colleges. We need to support tourism funding and tax credits Visit Florida.

Why am I running?

Is the only way to protect the women's privacy, as we get the legislature to be focus on job creator bills and legislative initiatives designed to the creation of jobs, instead of moral legislation designed to limit the privacy women. Also to get the issues in the education sector resolve, by enacting laws and by getting funding for the local school board district.

My Goals

1. Funding for school boards and enacment of laws directed to the school boards in Florida.
2. Enact laws and ammendments that provides for women privacy.
3. Enact job creation legislation instead of religious motivated legislation.

My DFA Values

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My Campaign is People Powered!

Getting everybody involved from different races, religions, businesses, ethnical backgrounds and political ideas.

Voice support


  • Jose Bosque, FL
  • Sandra Henson, FL

About the Endorsement Process

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