Who am I?

PhD student in economics at University of Michigan. Environmentalist.

Why am I running?

John Dingell has pushed off environmental action for years. I don't want to grow old in the world that he wants to give me.

My Goals

Pollution taxes. If you put mercury, lead, arsenic, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or any other pollutant in the air or water, you're going to pay a tax on each ounce. This will clean up the air and water better than the Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act ever did, and with all that money it raises, we're going to lower income taxes.

Same sex marriage legalized. At the very least, a repeal of DOMA.

My DFA Values

This legacy campaign is missing this information

My Campaign is People Powered!

I put in 80% of the work on the campaign so far, and I also have an all volunteer staff doing most of the rest.

To date, no contributions from corporate PACs, etc.

Voice support


  • John Mizzi, MI
  • Patrick Curran, VA
  • Andrew Parker, MD
  • Erin Kiley, NH
  • Katherine Michelmore, MI
  • Carol Rytter, MD
  • Rose Marcin, MD

About the Endorsement Process

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements is our members. We recognize that all politics is local and that what is considered progressive in Los Angeles may be very different from what's considered progressive in Louisville. For this reason, DFA does not have a litmus test of specific progressive positions for which a candidate must stand. Our endorsement is heavily weighted based on these questions:

• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

If you have questions, or want to let us know about a candidate in your neighborhood, please call us at (802) 651-3200 or email us at [email protected] .

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