Jack Conway for Attorney General

Who am I?

Voters elected Jack Conway by an overwhelming margin as the 49th Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Jack has kept his commitment to fighting for issues that are important to Kentucky families. Hes worked with local leaders and law-enforcement officers to make Kentucky a safer place to live, work and raise a family.

As Attorney General, Jack Conway has followed through on his commitment to vigorously prosecute child predators and crack down on Internet crimes. Since creating the Cybercrimes Unit in 2008 and leading the passage of House Bill 315 which updated Kentuckys laws in order to fight Internet crime the Office of Attorney General (OAG) has seized more than 300,000 child pornographic images off the Internet, processed over 2,688 hard drives, launched over 180 investigations, and conducted more than 100 Internet safety programs across Kentucky.

General Conway is committed to protecting consumers. Even facing 30 percent budget cuts, since taking office in January 2008, Jack has saved taxpayers almost a half billion dollars by recovering $200 million for the Kentucky Medicaid Program an increase of 600% - and intervening to halt $250 million in proposed utility rate increases. Jack has fined oil companies whove gouged taxpayers at the pump, hes taken on big banks whove fudged foreclosure paperwork and hes fought for thousands of Kentucky consumers whove been scammed by disreputable businesses or con artists.

Prior to his election, Jack worked as a private attorney. He spent six years in senior-level cabinet positions in former Kentucky Governor Paul Pattons administration. Jack worked closely with lawmakers to craft comprehensive school-safety legislation and helped author legislation that imposed and enforced tougher sentences on violent offenders.

Jacks roots as a Kentuckian run deep. He is a direct descendent of the first European settler in Kentucky, Dr. Thomas Walker, whose cabin is memorialized in the Dr. Thomas Walker State Park in Barbourville, Ky. Jacks father, Tom, was born on a family farm in Western Kentuckys Union County. He put himself through law school at night at the University of Louisville, while teaching history during the day and coaching football at Fairdale High School. Jacks mother, Barbara, grew in up in Louisvilles South End, and is the daughter of a union blacksmith.

Jack is the oldest of four children and is a graduate of St. Xavier High School. He holds an undergraduate degree in public policy from Duke University. While in college, he studied at Cambridge University in England. He graduated with honors from the National Law Center at George Washington University.

Jack is a member of NAAG, the Democratic Attorneys General Association, the Kentucky Bar Association and the Louisville Bar Association. He previously served on the boards of the Muhammad Ali Center and the African American Heritage Center.

Jack is married to Elizabeth Davenport Conway. He and Elizabeth are the proud parents of daughters Eva and Alex.

Why am I running?

I am running for a second term as Attorney General to help make Kentucky a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. I will continue to fight for issues that are important to Kentucky families and will crack down on Internet crimes. I am co-chairing the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Cybercrimes task force that is working with MySpace and Facebook to create parental safety controls, sweep sex offenders off the sites and develop age-verification software.

I will continue to fight the big oil companies that are gouging consumers at the pump and drug companies that are ripping off seniors. Since being elected Attorney General, my office has charged 55 individuals with elder abuse and neglect (more than any other Attorney General), conducted 48 Senior Crime Colleges, stopped Topixs $19.99 fee for removing abusive or inappropriate posts, and launched a national effort to investigate the business practices of some for-profit colleges. I will continue this important work in my second term.

My Goals

Cracking Down on Drugs

As Attorney General, I kept my pledge to help fight illegal drugs in Kentucky communities. I received the Soaring Eagle award from Operation Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education (UNITE) for his efforts to fight prescription drug abuse. The Office of the Attorney General also received UNITEs Most Valuable Agency award for its participation in joint investigations. In August of 2009, I announced the formation of Kentuckys first statewide prescription drug task force. Our office also participated in the largest drug bust in Kentucky history. I travel Kentucky educating middle and high school students about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. And I worked with Floridas Attorney General to ensure the state adopted an electronic monitoring program to stop the flood of prescription pills coming into Kentucky.

Taking on Special Interests

As Attorney General, despite 30 percent budget cuts, my office has saved taxpayers almost more than $500 million by recovering $200 million for the Kentucky Medicaid Program an increase of 600% - and intervening to halt $250 million in proposed utility rate increases. I fined oil companies whove gouged taxpayers at the pump, took on big banks whove fudged foreclosure paperwork and Ive fought for thousands of Kentucky consumers whove been scammed by disreputable businesses or con artists. I have also sued for-profit colleges that take advantage of students with abusive lending practices.

Tackling Mortgage Fraud

Along with attorneys general from 48 other states, I worked to form a multistate group to inquire whether or not individual mortgage servicers improperly submitted affidavits or other documents in support of home foreclosure actions filed in state court. We are investigating a process known as robo-signing, which may constitute an unfair practice and violation of state laws when mortgage documents are signed outside the presence of a notary and without confirming their accuracy.

My DFA Values

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My Campaign is People Powered!

I actively engage over 200,000 online supporters who are participating in my campaign and incorporate their ideas and feedback into my platform. When I am not conducting official business in the Office of Attorney General, you will often find me visiting with grassroots activists and supporters in all corners of the state, from Hillbilly Days in Pikeville to eating barbeque in Paducah.

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