Minimum Wage -- I'm Not Loving It.

This week, we learned that the income gap between the rich and the rest of us is greater than it's been since the 1920's. The 1% are pulling in profits hand over fist while most Americans struggle to make ends meet. It's unacceptable and we need change now. Congress could alleviate some of the economic pain and close the gap by raising the minimum wage, but we all know that the Republicans would never let that happen. 

But that doesn't mean that progress needs to wait. Multi-billion dollar corporations like McDonald's could improve the lives of millions of working Americans tomorrow by paying their employees a living wage instead of locking them in near the minimum wage. McDonald's workers went on strike recently to demand better pay, but they can't win this fight alone. McDonald's won't change unless the American public stands behind these workers and demands it.

Tell McDonald's that you've had enough - no working American deserves to live in poverty. Pay your employees a living wage. 

Last year, McDonald's brought in $5.5 billion dollars in profits - and tripled its CEO's salary. But the majority of its employees make less than $16,000 a year. Many of these workers are adults caring for ailing parents or young children, and a salary that low makes it nearly impossible for them to survive. Most of them have to hold down multiple jobs. Many frequently go hungry.

McDonald's has responded to public pressure to make positive change happen before. Decades ago, environmentalists turned up the heat on McDonald's over the use of plastic foam packaging, which isn't biodegradable. The corporation resisted at first, but after the environmentalists educated and rallied the public McDonald's listened to the people and introduced more eco-friendly packaging.

They've listened before. Let's make them listen again.

Join us and tell McDonald's to pay their employees a living wage now. 

Thank you for standing up for workers,


Karli Wallace, National Campaign Organizer
Democracy for America

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Chris Christie is wrong.

While he’s putting on a show down in Texas to get GOP support for a potential presidential run, Chris Christie has proven to be out of touch with the state he supposedly governs, and New Jersey deserves better.  His extreme policies have consistently favored the wealthy and big businesses, while he continues to ignore the interests and values of the people who elected him to office.  Not to mention, he has completely gutted the budgets for education, public services, and health care.

Although he claims to be a moderate, he remains firmly against marriage equality, responsible environmental policies, and women's reproductive rights.  Instead, he aligns himself with far-right republicans, slashing critical state aid to institutions he believes to be unnecessary.  Clearly, it’s time for a change in New Jersey.

Fortunately, there is a progressive option for governor: Barbara Buono. 

New Jersey should support a real leader who will represent real progressive values.  Democratic State Senator Barbara Buono is committed to turn New Jersey around.  She offers a progressive vision for the state and has delivered before.

Help us elect Barbara Buono and stop Chris Christie.

During her time as Budget Chair, Buono proved that you can cut billions in wasteful government spending without sacrificing critical funding for education, healthcare, and public services across the state.  She has worked tirelessly for the rights of LGBT citizens in New Jersey, sponsoring marriage equality legislation in 2008, and expanding the state’s hate crime laws to include protections for the transgender community.  Her commitment to women’s rights is unwavering, fighting to keep health clinics like planned parenthood open and firmly supporting the right to choose. Unlike Christie, Buono supports common sense solutions to reduce gun violence, offering a comprehensive plan that includes universal background checks to close the private sale loophole for gun purchases. 

Barbara Buono is a clear champion for DFA values in New Jersey, and deserves your support for Governor. 

Just remember: 

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A Right Wing Extremist or a DFA Member seeking solutions for her state?

While he may claim to be an average joe from Herndon the reality is Tom Rust has lost touch with voters in the 86th District of Virginia and isn’t doing his one job, representing the people. Instead of listening to the constituents of the district, Tom Rust has consistently disregarded local needs and voted along with Tea Party Republicans 97% of the time. As if his voting record is not bad enough, Tom has accepted campaign donations from Koch Enterprises, ALEC, and Tea Party Funder. This raises the question, exactly whose interests does Tom Rust represent in Richmond? The 86th District of Virginia has had enough of from Tom Rust. It is time for a progressive change in Richmond.

Luckily we have a simple solution: Jennifer Boysko.

The 86th District deserves a delegate who will stand up for their rights in Richmond and not the will of large impersonal corporations. That delegate is democratic candidate and longtime DFA member Jennifer Boysko.

Help Support Jennifer: Take Back The District From the Extreme Right. 

For the past five years Jennifer has been working diligently with elected officials, business owners, and residents of Herndon to find a viable solution to the transportation nightmare. She understands the positive impact expanding the metroline to Herndon would have on both the local businesses and individuals. Jennifers commitment to the Herndon doesn’t stop at transportation.As a mother of two and an active member of the PTA, Jennifer is committed to improving public education in Virginia. Realizing the negative impact teaching to statewide standardized tests has on students critical thinking ability, she advocates legislation aimed at increasing funding for the classroom and restoring teachers autonomy in the classroom. She’ll stand up for women’s rights and follow the law, not try to pass legislation that hurts low income women.

Help one of us in cleaning up Richmond.

When someone tells you to vote for Tom Rust. Just remember:

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Social Security Stories

Social Security is a promise made to generations of American workers. It's a program funded by workers, not the government. Below you'll find stories from real people.

Kay Bone - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I hope to retire when I'm 66 and I will be depending on SS to cover much of my living expense. I support myself and am not greedy - I just need enough money to pay my basic living expenses.

J. Barbara Alvord - Johnston, Iowa

My father died in 1946 at 50; he was a blue collar worker. My mother was left to pay the mortgage and support me (thirteen) and my brother (three). The SS checks were small, but my mother, who had been a stay-at-home mother, was able to find work and keep the family going - even in near poverty. I am 82; I depend on SS and two relatively small pensions to keep going myself. I paid in to SS for 48 years. Expanding it and adding years to its life is the thing to do. Lift the ceiling paid in by income earned.

There are millions of seniors who just want financial security. 

Do you have a story? Let us know in the comments!

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