DFA to Senate Democrats: Reject the new deal on Fast Track for the TPP.

Statement from Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, calling on Senate Democrats to reject the new deal on Fast Track for the TPP:

"In poll after poll and call after call, the American people have been extremely clear in their opposition to Fast Track and the job-killing, NAFTA-style Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. 

"Democrats in the U.S. Senate now must choose whether they stand with their constituents who oppose Fast Track or the army of corporate lobbyists and lawyers who see it as the first step towards a shadowy trade deal that will make it easier to sell tainted food in our supermarkets, sue governments in secret courts for passing laws they don't like, and pay foreign workers as little as 56 cents an hour.

"With the views of the American people so clear, there is simply no excuse for any Democrat who votes for Fast Track. Like a vote for the Iraq War or statements of support for the Social Security-cutting Bowles-Simpson plan, a vote for Fast Track and the TPP will never be forgotten and will haunt members of Congress for years to come.”-- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

Information about Democracy for America and the fight against Fast Track and the TPP:

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BREAKING - POLL: Opposition to TPP, Fast Track is trouble for Sen. Portman

NEW POLL: Opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership, Fast Track authority could pose reelection risk to Senator Rob Portman

BURLINGTON, VT -  According to the new polling, Ohio’s U.S. Senator Rob Portman could face huge risks in his 2016 reelection fight if he votes for so-called “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and/or the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The findings of the poll, c/]'onducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) on behalf of Democracy for America, can be found here:

In the past, Senator Portman, has spoken positively about the push for Fast Track authority and the TPP.  Portman’s two major 2016 Democratic challengers, Former Governor Ted Strickland and Cincinnati City Councilman  P.G. Sittenfeld, have both spoken out against the TPP.

Key findings from the new DFA poll:

  • More than two-thirds of all Ohioans (67%) would be less likely to vote for Portman in 2016 if he votes for Fast Track authority and the TPP.

    • Most importantly, a vote for Fast Track Authority and the TPP would hurt Portman most with Republicans (70%) and Independents (73%)

    • Republicans (71%)  and Independents (65%) in Ohio are even more likely to vote for a U.S. Senate candidate who opposes Fast Track authority and the TPP than Democrats (54%).

  • A startling 71% of Ohioans oppose giving the president the authority to ram trade deals through Congress without broad public debate or amendments  -- and those numbers are even worse among Republicans (75%) and Independents (78%).

  • Even after being exposed to the best arguments both for and against Fast Track authority and the NAFTA-style TPP, 54% of Ohio Republicans and 58% of Ohio Independents stood with those opposing the agreement.

Quote, if helpful:

“By working to pass Fast Track authority for the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, Senator Rob Portman would be risking his own Senate seat almost as much as he is threatening the livelihoods of the people of Ohio.

“Ohioans know what a disaster NAFTA-style trade deals have been for their state and, if Senator Portman supports and promotes  another disastrous trade deal, we’ll relish the opportunity to end his career in Washington.”. -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Additional Information about Democracy for America (DFA):

  • DFA has a national progressive political action committee with 30,496 members in Ohio and 1 million members nationwide.

  • Founded by Gov. Howard Dean, Democracy for America is a people-powered PAC with 1 million members who have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.


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STATEMENT: Democracy for America (Run Warren Run) responds to Clinton's 2016 entrance

Statement from Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America, on the entry of Hillary Clinton into the 2016 presidential race:

"We're looking forward to hearing more about Secretary Hillary Clinton's vision for the future of our country and, in particular, how she plans to address our nation's income inequality crisis and stand up to the wealthy and powerful interests on Wall Street and elsewhere that dominate our political process.

"Secretary Clinton has earned the respect of Democracy for America members because of her deep commitment to the rights of women and children, two groups impacted immensely by income inequality, the issue that will define the 2016 election. 

"We also know that a vigorous competition for the best ideas, the best people, and the best campaign practices will leave our party, our eventual nominee, and our country stronger, which is why we continue to urge Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the 2016 race for president. As we've seen first-hand over the last four months, Democrats want a 2016 nominee who will fearlessly fight to ensure that all working families have a fighting chance in America and the surest way to guarantee that happens would be to have Senator Warren in the race." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Democracy for America (DFA) is one of the leading organizations behind the Run Warren Run campaign encouraging Elizabeth Warren to join the 2016 race for president. 

Founded in 2004. DFA is a people-powered PAC with 1 million members who have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.

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Twenty-Seven current, former New Hampshire State Legislators urge Elizabeth Warren to enter 2016 race

BURLINGTON, VT. – Today, 27 current and former members of New Hampshire’s House of Representatives and State Senate joined together in a public letter urging Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016.  

Find the full text of the letter and the names and towns of the 27 legislators who signed on to it available below.

The letter and display of New Hampshire legislative support for a Warren candidacy is the result of continued organizing in the Granite State by the Run Warren Run campaign, a joint effort of Democracy for America and Political Action to encourage Massachusetts’ senior Senator to run for president in 2016.  

Quote from NH Rep. Renny Cushing (D - Hampton), one of the state legislators who signed today’s letter:

“We’re urging Senator Elizabeth Warren to join the 2016 race for president, because we know, first hand, how important a robust primary debate of our progressive values is to New Hampshire voters. The Granite State’s grassroots activists, the same friends and neighbors who knocked on doors and made phone calls to send us to Concord, want hear from Senator Warren in 2016, so we’re standing up to make sure their voices are heard.”

Additional quote from Kurt Ehrenberg, New Hampshire State Director for the Run Warren Run campaign: 

“These New Hampshire citizen legislators aren’t just urging Senator Warren to enter the 2016 race as some of the most important activists in the Granite State’s Democratic Party, they’re speaking out as representatives of communities all across our state that all care deeply about the future of our country.  Every day the grassroots Run Warren Run campaign is growing in New Hampshire and today’s calls from these Granite State legislators is a critical boost to that continued momentum.”

Launched last December, the Run Warren Run campaign currently has four staffers in the Granite State and an office in Manchester, as well as offices and staff in Iowa. Together, DFA and MoveOn, which jointly have more than 57,500 members in New Hampshire and 9 million members nationwide, have pledged $1.25 million to the Run Warren Run campaign.

Our country is at a crossroads. The rich get richer, but middle class families and those struggling to make it into the middle class work harder while falling further behind. Income inequality is at its highest since 1928 and wages remain too low. The game is rigged. 

If you work hard, if you play by the rules, it doesn’t matter where your parents were born, what color your skin is, whether you’re a woman or man, or who you love—you should be respected in our society, you should be valued, and you should be able to make ends meet. You should be able to walk down the street without fear. You should be able to live on a sustainable planet. And your voice should count in our democracy. Washington can no longer be run by lobbyists, the powerful, and corporate interests for their own advantage.

As the 2016 presidential campaign begins, it is time for Democrats to be bold, to stand for something, to propose innovative, inspiring solutions to our nation’s toughest challenges, and to stand strong for core American values. 

We need leaders who aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and fight back—no matter what powerful interests say—and we need all the candidates in the primary to offer a bold vision for an economy that works for all Americans.

Contested primaries test and strengthen candidates and ensure progressives have a chance to make our voices heard. Having a real debate is what democracy is all about.

That’s why Americans from all walks of life have risen up to encourage Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Sen. Warren is a fighter for middle class and working families who has stood up to the corporate interests and Wall Street banks. We urge Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016.

One thing New Hampshire voters value is the first-in-the-nation primary, and a chance for candidates to come into our homes and libraries and community centers to talk to real voters. We look forward to all the candidates coming to New Hampshire to share their views about the critical issues that matter to us.


Sen. David Watters, Dover

Rep. Travis Bennett, Plymouth

Rep. David Borden, Rye

Rep. Wayne Burton, Durham

Rep. John Cloutier, Claremont

Rep. Renny Cushing, Hampton

Rep. Len DiSesa, Dover

Rep. Barbara French, Henniker

Rep. Daniel Hansberry, Nashua

Rep. Frank Heffron, Exeter

Rep. Timothy Horrigan, Durham

Rep. David Karrick, Warner

Rep. Douglas Ley, Jaffrey

Rep. John Mann, Alstead

Rep. Richard McNamara, Hillsborough

Rep. Marcia Moody, Newmarket

Rep. William Pearson, Keene

Rep. Larry Phillips, Keene

Rep. Timothy Robertson, Keene

Rep. Peter Schmidt, Dover

Rep. Gilman Shattuck, Hillsborough

Rep. Timothy Smith, Manchester

Rep. Charles Townsend, Canaan

Former Sen. Burt Cohen, Newcastle

Former Rep. Sylvia Gale, Nashua

Former Rep. Kenneth Grossman, Barrington

Former Rep. Chris Muns, Hampton


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Progressive victory in Chicago: Rahm Emanuel on the ropes, 5 progressive council members win, 2 advance

Last night progressives had an overwhelming victory in Chicago. Successfully forcing Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a runoff election and defending 7 progressive members of the City Council. Check out DFA Chair Jim Dean's update to our members below.

We did it!!!

Last night's opening paragraph in USA TODAY would have seemed nearly impossible just a few months ago:
"CHICAGO -- Rahm Emanuel was dealt a tough political blow on Tuesday, after he was forced into a runoff election to hold onto his seat as mayor of the Windy City."

Progressives not only forced Rahm Emanuel to become the first mayor in Chicago history to face a runoff election, we also beat back his SuperPAC and his wealthy funders' campaign to defeat the progressive champions he attacked on the Chicago City Council.

Five of Democracy for America's seven endorsed progressive members of Chicago's City Council -- who we called the Chicago Seven -- have WON their primaries outright and two are the leading candidates in their impending runoff elections on April 7.

This a HUGE victory for progressives -- and now we need to finish the job. Will you chip in $3 or more to build the campaign to defeat Rahm Emanuel in the runoff on April 7?

DFA dedicated national resources and organizing power to defend seven progressive City Council members because we knew how important they were to defending the working families of Chicago against union-busters and big corporations. Rahm Emanuel and his corporate cronies have awoken a massive grassroots army across the city committed to ending his agenda of privatization, public school closings, and pension cuts.

In the weeks ahead, Democracy for America -- alongside our friends at United Working Families, MoveOn, and the Chicago Teachers Union -- will go all in to defeat Rahm Emanuel in the runoff on April 7 and elect Jesus "Chuy" Garcia as Chicago's new mayor.

We will also fight to re-elect Aldermen John Arena and Toni Foulkes, who are going to a runoff against two of Rahm's cronies. DFA members will harness that grassroots energy to build a lasting, broad-based progressive movement that will bring Elizabeth Warren-style, populist progressive reform to Chicago in the years to come.

As a flashpoint in the fight for progressive values, the April 7 runoff election will be one of the most important elections in years. Are you In? Chip in $3 or more now to defeat Rahm Emanuel and re-elect Aldermen John Arena and Toni Foulkes.

DFA members like you made this victory possible. Since December, Democracy for America and our members have rallied to fight back against Rahm Emanuel's attacks on the Chicago Seven by:

  • Raising and spending more than $65,000 to defend the Chicago Seven.
  • Making more than 30,000 calls and knocking on 2,157 doors in targeted wards.
  • Hiring full-time staff organizers, working out of Northside and Southside offices.
  • Working with MoveOn to turn out the vote for Jesus "Chuy" Garcia in the mayoral race.
  • Supporting the local DFA groups, Northside DFA and Southside DFA, in their strategy to expand the map and elect strong new progressive challengers and turn out the anti-Rahm vote.

Rahm Emanuel and his allies had more than $30 million at their disposal. You helped build the people-powered campaigns that turned people out to the polls and overcame that huge financial advantage.

But this isn't over yet. Rahm Emanuel is bruised, but not beaten. Now that he is in a runoff against Chuy Garcia, Chicago voters can unite behind a strong progressive and put an end to Rahm's rule -- and re-elect progressive champions John Arena and Toni Foulkes. Will you help build the campaign and lead progressives to victory?

Chip in $3 or more to finish the job and defeat Rahm Emanuel on April 7.

Thank you for everything you've done to win this victory in Chicago -- and for going all in with us between now and the April 7 runoff.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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