DFA Daily — November 26th

Headlines from Tuesday, November 26th:

Supreme Court Weighs New Obamacare Dispute — Talking Points Memo

In March, arguments will begin concerning companies’ objections to the birth control mandate.

Healthcare Website Won’t Be Perfect on Dec. 1st, Administration Says — The Hill

Spokesperson says it will only “work much better.”

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“Did you see The Hunger Games this past weekend? Unfortunately, it says some very real things about income inequality. WATCH: Unlike Panem, we can do something about it in America, and it starts with passing a livable wage.”

“Your Monday morning inspiration to change the world. WATCH.”

“It's time that Congress do something for the average American, raise the minimum wage. Add your name.”

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What We Watched This Week: Nov. 25

Social Security: Senator Warren Slams Social Security Cuts: Not An American Value To "Decide Who Among Us Is Left To Starve" 

Minimum wage: More "Tips" From McDonalds Show It Has No Idea What It's Like to Be a Poor McDonalds Employee

Poverty in America: Senator Sanders and Warren Hearing: What Does Poverty Do To the Brain? 

Income inequality: This Kickstarter Campaign Will Make You Angry, Then Sad. Then It'll Make You Want to Do Something About It

Fox News and Obamacare: Watch Megyn Kelly Grasp for Words As Fox News Gets Called Out for Sabatoging Obamacare

Filibuster reform: In Three Minutes, You'll Learn All You Need to Know About Reid's Decision to Scrap the Filibuster

Activism: You'll Want to Check Your "Civil Obedience" At the Door After Listening to This Powerful Reading

Hunger and inequality in America: Think The Hunger Games Is Fiction? Think Again...

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DFA Daily — November 25th

Headlines from Monday, November 25:

Judges Decline to Reverse Stop-And-Frisk Ruling, All But Ending Mayor’s Fight — New York Times

The ruling had said police violated the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure.

In 16 States, Unemployment Is At Its Lowest in At Least Four Years — Washington Post

The jobs recovery is still moving slowly, though.

New Breed Of Senate Democrats Drove Filibuster Change — LA Times

A newer class of Senate Democrats is more willing to push back on Republican obstructionism.

DFA in Social Media:

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“It's time that Congress do something for the average American: raise the minimum wage. Add your name.”

“Poverty is literally killing you... WATCH.”

REPORTBACK: Moments before the critical vote on filibuster reform we delivered 285,402 of your signatures to Harry Reid showing strong grassroots support for the rule change. View the video of the petition drop and add your name to thank Senator Harry Reid!

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DFA Daily — November 22

Headlines from Friday, November 22:

Senate’s Filibuster Rule Change Should Help Obama Achieve Second-Term Priorities  — Washington Post

The move will have major effects on Obama’s ability to implement his economic, climate, and healthcare agendas.

Filibuster Vote Raises Stakes for 2014 — Politico

It’s now critical for Democrats to maintain control of the Senate in 2014.

Expanding Social Security — New York Times  

Krugman makes the case for expanding Social Security.

GOP May Be About to Fold in Protracted Food Stamp Fight — Talking Points Memo

Republicans appear to want to “put the farm bill behind [them]” and move on.

We had 104 press clippings today! Here are some of the top ones: 

Senate Democrats Placate Dispirited Core Liberals With Rules Change — Associated Press

“Senate Democrats have rightly reformed the filibuster, and the grass-roots base of the Democratic Party have their back for taking this important stand,” said Charles Chamberlain, executive director of the 1.2 million-strong Democracy for America. The group tends to favor challengers, but Chamberlain said the rules change would be a factor in endorsements and support.

“There's no question our members are extremely excited. They've been fighting for years,” Chamberlain said. His group, along with Credo Action and Daily Kos Action, delivered more than 285,000 petitions to Reid. Combined, he said, they represent 5 million members.

Harry Reid’s Victory Lap — National Journal

A coalition of groups including Democracy for America and CREDO Action had collected almost 300,000 signatures pushing Reid to act, but he gave them a victory before they even had the chance to deliver them.

DFA in Social Media:

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“This is unacceptable. Demand congress raise the minimum wage --add your name.”

“This is why we need to expand Social Security.”

“The filibuster is dead! (at least when it comes to non-Supreme Court presidential nominees). What do you think of this historic rule change?”

“This made us want to scream, then get every progressive activist we know onboard to fight income inequality. WATCH.”

“This is pretty unreal and a vote is happening now to fix it! Add your name if you support the U.S. Senate Democrats’ effort fix the filibuster.”

Other news:

Texas’ Other Death Penalty — Texas Observer

“There’s a popular myth that the uninsured — in Texas, that’s 25 percent of us — can always get medical care through emergency rooms.” Not so: the ER will patch you up and move you on.

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DFA Daily — November 21st

Headlines from Wednesday, November 20th:

How Obamacare Could Become a Secret Weapon for McConnell’s Opponent — Talking Points Memo

The fact that Kentucky’s insurance marketplace has been wildly successful will put McConnell’s anti-Obamacare rhetoric at odds with voters’ experience.

Insurers Restricting Choice of Doctors and Hospitals to Keep Costs Down — Washington Post

The result, some argue, is a two-tiered healthcare system where top hospitals are only accessible to those covered under employer-provided insurance.

Farm Bill Talks Intensify — Politico

Food stamp cuts remain on the table even though program expenditures as a percentage of the economy are the lowest they’ve been in years.

Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Restrictions to Remain in Place — Raw Story  

SCOTUS agreed with a lower court’s decision that closing over ⅓ of facilities in Texas doesn’t restrict women’s abortion access — it only makes them “drive a greater distance.”

DFA in Social Media:

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There is absolutely no reason for Congress to not raise the minimum wage! Add your name and tell Congress now is the time.

“We are experiencing the largest wave of voter suppression since the enactment of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Sign the petition.”

“Enough said.”

“If you work a full time job, you should be able to feed your family with out assistance. Tell Congress to pass a livable wage.”

“So rather than McDonald's paying their employees a liveable wage, they offer this ridiculous advice. Check it out.”

“Wall Street continues to soar, Main Street continues to struggle. It's time we as a country switch our priorities around.”

Other news:

Inside the One Man Intelligence Unit That Exposed the Secrets and Atrocities of Syria’s War — Huffington Post

Fascinating story of the arms expert who’s learned everything he knows from the internet.

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