DFA Featured Candidate: Rob Farinholt for Virginia Delegate

As you know here at DFA we endorse progressive candidates all the way from Senate down to local school board. This fall there are many important elections going on around the country and  we will be regularly highlighting our many great progressive candidates. 

Politicians in Richmond, VA have created and poured gasoline on many fires -- bad transportation, ignoring the environment, terrible laws that take away retirees benefits, and the list goes on.

We believe in firefighter and paramedic Rob Farinholt, a Virginian with a proven track record of serving the public, and that’s why DFA is proud to support him for Delegate in Virginia’s District 94. Unlike the majority of delegates in office, Rob Farinholt comes from a public safety background with lifelong ties to his community.

Help Rob put out the fires in Newport News and Virginia and elect a man of integrity to office.

As a first responder Rob has a front row seat to happens when priorities are askew in Virginia’s state house. He’s seen what a lack of equipment and funds can do to a fire department. One of the most decorated firemen in his area, Rob earned a Medal of Honor in 2007 and Gold Medal of Valor in 2008 for marine rescues and he’s seen the impact that politician’s poor priorities have on the day-to-day lives our our brave first responders. 

A champion of reproductive and LGBTQ rights, Rob is also an advocate for social development measures in Virginia’s 94th district. He is committed to improving industry, and advocates for essential job-creation legislation and increased funding of public services like education and transportation. Rob has seen firsthand the damage that government neglect does to communities and will bring that insight with him to Richmond as a delegate.

In striking contrast, Rob’s opponent, incumbent David Yancey, has aided the passing of a bill that removes purchase limits on handguns and a bill that reduces state employee retirement benefits. His conservatism doesn't stop there -- Delegate Yancey voted for forced vaginial ultrasounds and supported efforts to permit adoption agencies to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples. With 5,927 children in foster care  and 14,000 same sex couples in Virginia, Yancey’s support for bigotry both denied children access to loving homes and cost Virginia taxpayers at least $2 million.

The progressive choice is clear. Rob Farinholt may not have wealthy 1% donors like Delegate Yancey, but he is ready to put up a fight with a team of dedicated friends and volunteers fueling his people-powered campaign.

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Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics

Email by Andy Kelley

Seth -- 

The daily violence in Russia against the LGBT community is unacceptable and wrong -- and together we are going to do something about it. 

Since we launched our campaign calling on Olympic sponsor Visa to speak out, tens of thousands of people including you have taken action and folks are starting to take notice. 

Today, Bloomberg news stated in an editorial that unless they speak out against the anti-LGBT violence in Russia and call on the International Olympic Committee to act, Olympic sponsors like "Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics." 

Can you chip in $4 today to help fuel our campaign and keep up the pressure on Visa to speak out? 

Visa has made countless millions from the LGBT community, and even put their name on the “Rainbow Platinum Plus Visa Card," but they haven't taken any meaningful action to help ensure the safety of LGBT athletes and fans for the Winter games. 

With less than six months until the Olympics, it's critical that Visa speak out, as an Olympic sponsor, and urge the IOC to take action. 

Can you chip in $4 today to help us continue the fight to hold Visa accountable? 

Together our voices are powerful, 


Andy Kelley, Online Programs Deputy and Visa Cardholder 
Democracy for America

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What's up with the gay agenda in Kentucky?

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

It might be surprising, but the smallest town in Kentucky not only elected a gay mayor, but they also passed a LGBT fairness ordinance, too. 

0:00 - 1:07: Just what is Vicco, KY, and who is their mayor?

1:30 - Just what do the people think of Mayor Cummings? 

2:02 - Cummings introduces an LGBT fairness ordinance to the council. 

2:30 - But who stands against it? The local pastor. He's against the entire deal. Why, they should even go back in the closet, according to him.

3:07 - What do the people of Vicco say about the ordinance? 

3:56 - Rush Limbaugh calls it the gay mafia. 

4:40 - The rights ordinance did pass 3-1 through the city council

5:13 - The council, all heterosexual, voted it in.

It's an amazing moment for small-town America. 

Do you have a story about LGBT tolerance in unlikely places? Share your story in the comments!

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Howard Dean's Take on the Past 24 Hours @ SCOTUS

Yesterday's historic Supreme Court decision was a blessing for thousands of gay men and women in the country -- but for folks in Virginia, Ohio, and 35 other states, real change could be a long ways off.

Equal marriage is now back in the hands of the states. And too many of those states are controlled by right-wing nut jobs like Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who argued that gay marriage inevitably leads to polygamy.

Extremists like Cuccinelli are holding our whole country back. That's why DFA launched our Purple to Blue project -- to start moving us forward again, one state at a time.

Organizers are already in Virginia, winning primaries with strong, progressive candidates. They need your support of $4 or more today to carry the fight into November.

It's not just about LGBT rights. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court gutted the heart of the Voting Rights Act, giving Republican governors the freedom to suppress voters and gerrymander districts with abandon. Later that same day, the country was captivated by Texas as one courageous female state senator almost singlehandedly turned back the biggest attack on women's rights yet.

These battles are being fought in all fifty states, and the attacks won't stop until we retake control of state capitols across the country. That's why DFA's commitment to a fifty-state strategy is so important -- and why your support is so critical.

We've already won our first wave of primaries in Virginia -- your donation of $4 or more right now will fuel our campaign as as we head toward November.

Thank you for all you do,


Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.
Founder, Democracy for America

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What you didn't see: DOMA being struck down already saved this family

10:00am: DOMA is struck down

10:30am: A New York City immigration judge stopped the deportation proceedings that would split up Steven and Sean, a gay couple who were married in New York.


Steven is from Colombia, and when he married his partner Sean in New York last year, they also joined the fight against DOMA. The case to keep Steven in the US, and with his partner was saved when the law was considered unconstitutional.

From The DOMA Project:

This morning our intern, Gabe, ran the 77-page ruling and delivered it the Immigration Court five blocks from our office. It was still warm from the printer.

The ruling was delivered, and the immigration judge stopped the proceedings.

Sean and Steven may be the very first binational couple effected by the repeal of DOMA

Even with DOMA repealed, the fight still needs to be taken to the states. Add your voice, and pledge to elect pro-equality legislators!  

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