Why Midterm Elections Matter

Though they might have thought they were sneaky, Republicans' gerrymandering is obvious in this graphic showing six swing states and that – by their colors – should have voted overwhelmingly for Romney in November. But did they? Nope, all six went to Obama.

Check it out:

The Republicans have divided up the state into wiggly congressional districts that split up the Democratic urban population centers and make the states look much redder than they really are. The House delegations from these states are not representative of how Democratic these states are. Republicans were able to steal away seats from the Democrats and Progressives in these states

Plus, they are now trying to change the way electoral votes are allocated in Presidential elections, making it by districts instead of by popular vote. They made up districts to suit themselves and now plan to rig the next Presidential election to get what they want.

They must realize that the majority of Americans find the Republican Party ridiculous, prejudiced, and stuck in the past. If you can't win fairly, cheat, right? Wrong. The Tea Party faction of the GOP is driving it off the rails, and the lack of enthusiasm for voting in Midterm elections has allowed it to do just that. Do you live in one of these states, or know someone who does? Tell us about your experiences in the comments, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep track of our progress getting rid of the Tea Party in 2014. We can do it with your help. It's a little while off, but we can't forget how important Midterm elections are. Don't forget to vote! Let's get some sanity back in our government.

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You Can't Be Friends with Your Ex: Colin Powell, GOP Edition

Colin Powell, a prominent Republican, recently spoke some constructive criticism to his own party in an interview. Other Republicans, though, have not been taking it well, tearing Powell apart, denouncing him as a Republican, and more. Here's Rev. Al Sharpton and others at MSNBC putting it all in spirited context:

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The Republican Party is caught a ridiculous, illogical, Tea Party mindset, and its eating itself from within. Good on Colin Powell for giving the Republican's a little dose of truth, and bad on them for refusing to listen. After its defeat in the recent election, the Republican Party should be looking for ways to strengthen and broaden its base, but every reasonable person is pushed out or ensnared by the Tea Party.

What do you think about the Republican Party today? Or what is your favorite point Sharpton makes? Let us know in the comments, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to track our progress in taking down the Tea Party Congress.

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I Thought Michigan Was a Blue State... Why Did they Pass RTWFL?

That is the question many of us have asked since Governor Snyder signed the "right-to-work for less bill." Recently Rachel Maddow gave a very clear explanation of what we are up against: 

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In 2010, progressives sat on the sidelines, while and older and whiter electorate went to the polls. The result? States that have gone for President Obama the last two elections have gerrymandered legislature lines. This has had an enormous impact on the way these five states residents are represented on both the state and federal level. 

The implications of this are huge. Michigan becoming a right to work state is just a bump in the road-- If you examine the those five states and re-appropriate the seats based on the popular vote you have a net pick up of 13 seats for Democrats in Congress. That is just four seats shy of the majority. 

Unfortunately, what this tells us is the fight for progressives over the next two years and beyond is going to be difficult, and we need everybody all in. Our question for you is, how do you think we best organize to fight back against the GOP gerrymandered districts? 

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Republican Party

By re-electing president Obama, and strong progressive leaders like Elizabeth Warren, and Tammy Baldwin, we learned two lessons this past election.

1.  The face of America is changing.

2.  Americans are fed up with trickledown economics.

It appears as though the GOP simply did not get the memo. Let’s start with lesson number one, on November 6th the American people elected the most women ever to serve as United States Senators. In the House they elected the most diverse Congress ever. How did the Same Old Party respond? By naming 19 white males to be their committee chairs in the 113th Congress. Not one woman, not one minority, just all white males. If you compare this to the ranking members for Democrats in the House, tit is quite clear who represents the American People.

It’s not just their demographics that are out of touch it’s their policies. This past election Mitt Romney ran on three main fiscal principals, slash vital programs working families and seniors rely on, extend the Bush Tax Cuts, and close some loopholes and end some tax deductions. Well, the American people listened to Mitt Romney and his surrogates espouse these ideals for almost two years, and on election day they overwhelming rejected them. Once again the American people voted to protect programs like Medicare, and end the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2 percent. Yet what is the GOP is proposing just weeks later as a grand bargain? Increase revenues by closing loop holes and deductions and cut Medicare. Apparently they did not get the memo.

The Republican Party is showing its true colors, getting more and more out of touch with the ever more diverse and more progressive America, but we must not get complacent. We must not forget 2010, where progressives sat on the sidelines, while an older and whiter electorate elected a radical Tea Party majority. We must not let that happen again, we must make sure to stay engaged and stay mobilized. It starts with this fight over the fiscal showdown. We must once again overwhelmingly reject these out of touch GOP ideals.

You can get involved right now, by adding your name to our petition to Harry Reid , telling him to reject any deal that extends the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2 percent and fails to protect vital programs like Medicare. Add your name now.


We have already received over 50, 000 signatures and we will be hand delivering them to Harry Reid to make sure that he gets the message that we must reject the out of touch ideals of the Same Old Party.

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A Toast to the Organizers!

This just had to be shared. After the election, MSNBC's Chris Hayes took the time to congratulate organizers, and recognize the grassroots actions that helped candidates from the president all the way down to city council win. WATCH:

Having been an organizer, I would love to see the main stream media share this story more often. As we get barraged with political ads, and pundits on TV every election, Americans see the most cynical side of politics. Not only is grassroots organizing what wins elections (Karl Rove learned that the hard way), but it also is the special sauce that makes politics great. There is nothing more energizing and invigorating than being in a campaign office on E-day with the volunteers fired up to help their guy or gal win. The energy is nothing but positivity and excitement for what's to come. On E-day organizers care about one thing and one thing only, that is getting as many people to the polls as possible. There is a message I would love to see talked about on the main stream media everyday. 

As we gear up to the next election in 2014 and beyond we must continue to share the story of how these hard working organizers all over the country beat Karl Rove and big money. We must share the positivity that grassroots organizers and volunteers bring to the political process everyday, and most importantly we must share that always important message of go vote. 

Is there an organizer that you want to thank? Let us know in the comments. 

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