The Howard Dean/Max Baucus Highlight Reel

Max Baucus has always been hated by us progressives, but it was his vote against background checks that was the final straw. See what Howard Dean  predicted last week:

0:01 The Governor goes right for the juglar and makes a bold prediction

0:13 Howard Dean names who Max Bacaus' replacement is going to be. 

0:36 He takes Joe to school on the electoral politics of Montana

Earlier today, Howard Dean has a slight humble brag on Morning Joe

0:04 "I called this a week ago"

0:13 Howard Dean gives the most accurate description of Max Baucus there is.

1:38 He tells us why an advocate for single payer healthcare can win in Montana.

Do you want Brian Schweitzer to run for Senate? Add your name to draft him here. 

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HOWARD DEAN: Draft Gov. Brian Schweitzer to Replace Max Baucus!

Today, our Founder, Gov. Howard Dean shared this message:

Sen. Max Baucus's decision to retire is a huge opportunity for progressives.

Now, we have the chance to elect a powerful populist and a single-payer healthcare advocate to the U.S. Senate.

That's why Democracy for America is launching the campaign to draft Gov. Brian Schweitzer for U.S. Senate.

Sign our petition to Draft Brian Schweitzer for Senate.

Brian is the popular former Governor of Montana and he'll be a tremendous force in the Senate. As governor, he stood up to lobbyists and big corporations and has a record of leadership that is desperately needed in Washington.

He fought for a single-payer healthcare system for Montana and championed a drug reimportation program that would have saved seniors big money. Thanks to his leadership on these issues and more, it's no wonder that a snap survey showed 93 percent of Montana DFA members want us to draft him for Senate.

This is an open seat race in a red state, but I'll guarantee you: If Brian Schweitzer runs, he will be the next Democratic Senator from Montana.

Help elect a powerful populist to the Senate -- sign our petition to Draft Brian Schweitzer.

Thank you for everything you do.

- Howard

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DFA Launches the Purple to Blue Project

We're excited to launch our Purple to Blue program with the announcement of two endorsements in Virginia today. What is Purple to Blue?

Forget John Boehner and Paul Ryan -- Republicans don't need Congress to push their radical right-wing agenda. They're doing it right now, state by state:

  • Ending women's right to choose
  • Busting unions
  • Deregulating industries and pillaging the environment
  • Giving away huge tax breaks to big corporations and the super rich

Republican state legislatures are laboratories of right-wing extremism -- and we need to stop their radical agendas before they go any farther.

That's why DFA is launching the Purple to Blue Project, a new multi-year effort dedicated to winning state House and Senate chambers across the country -- starting right now in Virginia.

Help us raise $10,000 by March 31st to kick this program off right by chipping in $4 or more today.

Even as Democrats picked up wins nationally last year, conservatives continued to cement control of state legislatures -- and they're using states like Virginia to build momentum for radical, extreme agendas.

We're seeing the damage they can do. Virginia's newly-enacted restrictions on abortion have spawned a national assault on women's right to make decisions about her own life: just this weekend, North Dakota's Republican-controlled legislature passed a "personhood" amendment, effectively banning all abortions in the state.

Whether it's stripping away labor rights in Wisconsin, restricting voting rights in Pennsylvania, or attacking a woman's right to choose in Virginia, conservatives are growing bolder and reaching further than ever before.

It's time to get back to basics. DFA is targeting five swing districts in Virginia to send a powerful message to Republicans: If you continue to wage war on our core values, progressives will defeat you at the ballot box.

This isn't a process that will happen overnight, but we have to start now. We're endorsing our first round of candidates -- now we need to raise $10,000 to begin recruiting staff to join them in the field.

Even a gift of $4 or more will help get us to that goal -- donate today! Thanks for all you do!

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The "F" That is a Badge of Honor

Robin Kelly

In a city ravaged by gun violence, a special election for Congress has turned into a national referendum on gun safety as two candidates go head-to-head -- one with an A rating from the NRA, the other with an F rating.

Welcome to IL-02.

There are an unbelievable number of candidates running in the primary to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. -- and in this solid blue district, the primary is the only thing that matters. For months, these candidates have been jockeying for attention and polls have been muddled. Now, one candidate is surging: Robin Kelly.

Robin Kelly has an F rating from the NRA and she's wearing it as a badge of honor. Her main opponent, conservative former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, has an A rating from the NRA.

Robin has an opportunity to pull off a huge upset victory in next week's primary, but she needs the resources to kick her Get Out The Vote operation into high gear. That's why we're announcing our endorsement of Robin today.

Early voting has already started and the election is next week. Please, contribute $15 to Robin now.

The Chicago area endured over 500 murders last year, more than 400 of which were the result of gun violence.
We can win this -- and we can deliver a huge blow to the NRA in the middle of a national debate on gun violence prevention.

Early voting has already started and the election is next week. Please, contribute $15 to Robin now.

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WATCH Rachel Maddow Breaks Down Rubio

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow breaks down Marco Rubio's Republican Response to the State of the Union. 


"Watergate" may have been an instant video moment, however, it was the content of Rubio's response that showed yet again the Republican Party is not listening, rather the Tea Party is now infecting the GOP long term. After all, as Maddow literally showed, Rubio is inter-changeable with Romney--and the American people clearly did not elect him POTUS. So why is the GOP convinced Rubio is the Republican Savior? DFA is working to bring about progressive change and overriding leaders like Rubio who wish to cut our Social Security and vote against bills for women's rights like the VAWA.

Please, join DFA today as we continue to tackle the toughest fights in Congress and throughout the country.

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