Gomez is the Same Republican We Already Know

Rep. Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez squared off in the first of their four debates, and the results show what we know all along. 

Markey is the progressive candidate that the country needs. His opponent, Gomez, spent much of the debate putting himself right in line with the same values that conservatives always trot out. And despite how much Gomez may try to separate himself from the national party with a line like this...

“I’m an absolutely new kind of Republican. You know it and the people of Massachusetts know it.”

...he isn't going to get very far when his views on abortion draw condemnation from Planned Parenthood. He insisted that he would not change any laws, but went on to say that he thought waiting 24 hours for an abortion was fine. This creates a character problem, because he would not fight Roe V. Wade, but he would morally support anti-choice legislation as well as confirm an activist judge to the Supreme Court. How does this make sense for a Massachusetts Senator? Here's Planned Parenthood's reaction to Gomez' remarks:

"It’s ignorant and dangerous to think that delaying a woman’s access to timely medical care by forcing her to wait 24 hours before having an abortion is ‘not asking a lot.’ Passing restrictions on safe, legal abortion such as unnecessary, onerous waiting periods or approving the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice who opposes Roe v Wade is changing the law – and not for the better.” -Tricia Wajda, director of public affairs for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts

On Markey's part, he said an abortion should be a decision between a woman and her physician. 

For someone who claims to be a new kind of Republican, Gomez' stance on women's reproductive health and contraception are in line with mainstream conservative values

Take a look at his habit of dodging questions on contraception.

And while Markey claimed he would not vote for any Supreme Court nominee that would overeturn Roe V. Wade, Markey claimed that he would have no litmus test. This differentiates him not only for Markey, but with Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, and Senator Warren. His near refusal to clarify his position on reproductive rights might be a sign that he would be yet another anti-choice Republican. This, of course, all happening in a state where 51% of people held the right to choose as a significant reason they voted Democratic. 

If nothing else, this debate serves as proof that Gabriel Gomez is just another Republican willing to wage war on women. He can say he believes in equality all he wants, but when he follows up by dodging questions on women's reproductive rights and says his anti-choice position really doesn't matter, it's worrying. 

Stand with Ed Markey on June 25th, and don't let another anti-woman Republican go to Washington. 

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5 Signs GOP Re-brand Isn't Going So Well

5 Signs GOP Re-brand Isn’t Going So Well

1. So you lost your Hispanic Outreach director....

Pablo Pantoja, the Director of Hispanic Outreach officially left the Republican party and became a Democrat.

He wrote in an email: “It doesn’t take much to see the culture of intolerance surrounding the Republican Party today. I have wondered before about the seemingly harsh undertones about immigrants and others. Look no further; a well-known organization recently confirms the intolerance of that which seems different or strange to them.”

2. They turn away candidate for GOP Chair in IL because he actually supports gay marriage...

State Rep. Ron Sandack supported bill for marriage equality in Illinois and subsequently, was no longer a viable candidate for taking on the chair position. Which brings the question: If the party was actually looking to change, wouldn't they accept someone who the majority of American's agree with? Someone who you know, stand for equal rights!!?!?! Read full story here.

3.  Remember when Rand Paul spoke at Howard University?

Looking to court young African American voters, Rand Paul gave a speech at Howard University back in April. He did try to make some claims, such as never once wavering in supporting the Civil Rights Act, despite his stance that it was overly protective of black people in the workplace expressed in a 2010 interview with Rachel Maddow.


4. And this would be their smooth attempt at appealing to women...

...restricting contraception, cutting Planned Parenthood, mandating medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds, forcing physicians to lie that abortion and breast cancer are linked, defeating VAWA, voting against equal-pay laws, and the occasional ‘rape’ blunder...

However, they assume somehow, they can gain support from “mommy blogs” -  See USA Today.

5. Most recently, the Heritage Foundation believes amnesty would cost the US $6.3 trillion...

The study shows that an amnesty program would bring in $3 trillion into the US economy, but would be offset by a $9.4 trillion drain. Co-author of the report, Jason Richwine has been in the news before for his 2009 doctoral dissertation at Harvard entitled, “IQ and Immigration Policy,” and has made the claim that non-white immigrants, especially Latinos, have a genetically deficient IQ. When in fact, "the best study we have on the fiscal effects of immigration reform, from the CBO, finds the impact to be minimal or positive."

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WATCH: The Lost GOP and Their Worst Ad Yet

Howard Dean was on MSNBC last night and had some choice quotes about the state of the GOP, including "the RNC is doing everything they can to make sure Democrats win the House in 2014." Do you agree? Tell us in the comments. 

Also, worth pointing out that in RNC ad featured in the clip, the GOP also used an image of the president consoling a victim of the Newtown shooting. Just continuing to show their poor taste and how out of touch they are. 

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The Howard Dean/Max Baucus Highlight Reel

Max Baucus has always been hated by us progressives, but it was his vote against background checks that was the final straw. See what Howard Dean  predicted last week:

0:01 The Governor goes right for the juglar and makes a bold prediction

0:13 Howard Dean names who Max Bacaus' replacement is going to be. 

0:36 He takes Joe to school on the electoral politics of Montana

Earlier today, Howard Dean has a slight humble brag on Morning Joe

0:04 "I called this a week ago"

0:13 Howard Dean gives the most accurate description of Max Baucus there is.

1:38 He tells us why an advocate for single payer healthcare can win in Montana.

Do you want Brian Schweitzer to run for Senate? Add your name to draft him here. 

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HOWARD DEAN: Draft Gov. Brian Schweitzer to Replace Max Baucus!

Today, our Founder, Gov. Howard Dean shared this message:

Sen. Max Baucus's decision to retire is a huge opportunity for progressives.

Now, we have the chance to elect a powerful populist and a single-payer healthcare advocate to the U.S. Senate.

That's why Democracy for America is launching the campaign to draft Gov. Brian Schweitzer for U.S. Senate.

Sign our petition to Draft Brian Schweitzer for Senate.

Brian is the popular former Governor of Montana and he'll be a tremendous force in the Senate. As governor, he stood up to lobbyists and big corporations and has a record of leadership that is desperately needed in Washington.

He fought for a single-payer healthcare system for Montana and championed a drug reimportation program that would have saved seniors big money. Thanks to his leadership on these issues and more, it's no wonder that a snap survey showed 93 percent of Montana DFA members want us to draft him for Senate.

This is an open seat race in a red state, but I'll guarantee you: If Brian Schweitzer runs, he will be the next Democratic Senator from Montana.

Help elect a powerful populist to the Senate -- sign our petition to Draft Brian Schweitzer.

Thank you for everything you do.

- Howard

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