BACKLASH: Supreme Court doubles down on GOP's war on women

June 30, 2014
By Alex Showerman | 11 comments

The Supreme Court just made another decision that sides with Corporations over the American People, and we could not be more outraged. Below the jump check out our message to DFA members. 

DFA Member --

I'm SO furious right now. This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court gave bosses across America the right to deny birth control access to their female employees. And on top of that, they made it nearly impossible for home healthcare workers to form and sustain a union.

Both of these decisions are further proof that conservatives are doubling down on their war on women: The first gives mostly male corporate executives power over whether or not working women can get the health care they need, and the second prevents predominantly female home healthcare workers from building any real power for themselves -- the kind of power that could lead to the job security and decent wages they deserve.

We need to put an END to the war on working women. That's why DFA has gone to the mat to support strong female candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Wendy Davis. As you know, we only support candidates who stand up for progressive values like women's rights. Period.

The Supreme Court's rulings today are a stark reminder that saving the Senate from GOP control -- and Republican obstruction of Supreme Court nominees should a vacancy on the court open up -- is EXTREMELY important. That's why DFA is going all in on holding the Senate in November.

When you give to DFA, it's not about just backing anyone with a "D" next to their name -- it's about supporting REAL progressive candidates and values. By contributing to DFA's electoral work, you send a message that you stand for true progressives who are willing to take bold positions on the issues that matter.

Will you donate $3 to DFA now so we can help elect more progressive Democrats like Elizabeth Warren this November? FEC DEADLINE: MIDNIGHT! 

Thanks for standing by us when it matters most,

- Karli

Karli Wallace, Campaign Organizer
Democracy for America



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