Electing a progressive majority starts now

February 8, 2012
By Linsey Pecikonis | 0 comments

A message from Nick Passanante: Dear DFA Member: Ilya Sheyman is a grassroots leader and he needs our help. February 12th is the last day for Ilya's campaign to make ad buy decisions ahead of the Illinois primary and we need to make sure he has the resources to win. Ilya is the progressive in IL-10, but in order to take on Tea Party Congressman Bob Dold in November, he has to beat faux Democrat Brad Schneider in the March primary. Schneider has a history of supporting Republicans for Congress -- like Sen. Mark Kirk, who now holds President Obama's old Senate seat. Now, Schneider is pumping his own fortune into his campaign. If we're going to take back the House with progressive fighters like Ilya, we need to have their backs in tough primary elections like this one. Ilya has the support of progressive champions like Gov. Howard Dean and Alan Grayson. We need to have his back in this primary -- Please contribute $12 right now to elect a progressive to Congress. Why is electing Ilya so important? Because he's one of us. Ilya has worked with DFA members for years to elect progressive candidates and make change. Now, he's a candidate himself and he's running a grassroots campaign to win -- one fueled by volunteers and people-power, not big corporate money. Gov. Dean always said that voting isn't enough. He said that progressives needed to contribute, volunteer, and run for office themselves if we were going to take this country back. When one of us, like Ilya, does that -- we need to have their back. Please contribute $12 ahead of the February 12 deadline. Thank you for everything you do. -Nick Nick Passanante, Deputy Political Director Democracy for America



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