DFA Daily — December 10th

December 10, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 0 comments

Headlines from Tuesday, December 10:

World Leaders Extol Mandela Before Crowd of Thousands — New York Times

The tribute to Mr. Mandela drew an unprecedented crowd of global V.I.P.'s, including at least 91 heads of state and government.

The GOP Civil War Just Got Worse — Washington Post

Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn will face Rep. Steve Stockman in the GOP primary for Senate next year in Texas.

How Democrats Plan to Cut Food Stamps Without Enraging their Base — Roll Call

The government can save $8 billion by eliminating a loophole that enables states to help some low-income residents with nominal subsidies for heating to trigger higher food stamp benefits.

Senators Enter Into “Post Nuclear” World — The Hill

In the first nomination vote since Reid’s invocation of the “nuclear option,” the Senate votes today to approve Obama’s nominees to a powerful appellate court.

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