DFA Daily — November 21st

November 21, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 0 comments

Headlines from Wednesday, November 20th:

How Obamacare Could Become a Secret Weapon for McConnell’s Opponent — Talking Points Memo

The fact that Kentucky’s insurance marketplace has been wildly successful will put McConnell’s anti-Obamacare rhetoric at odds with voters’ experience.

Insurers Restricting Choice of Doctors and Hospitals to Keep Costs Down — Washington Post

The result, some argue, is a two-tiered healthcare system where top hospitals are only accessible to those covered under employer-provided insurance.

Farm Bill Talks Intensify — Politico

Food stamp cuts remain on the table even though program expenditures as a percentage of the economy are the lowest they’ve been in years.

Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Restrictions to Remain in Place — Raw Story  

SCOTUS agreed with a lower court’s decision that closing over ⅓ of facilities in Texas doesn’t restrict women’s abortion access — it only makes them “drive a greater distance.”

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“We are experiencing the largest wave of voter suppression since the enactment of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Sign the petition.”

“Enough said.”

“If you work a full time job, you should be able to feed your family with out assistance. Tell Congress to pass a livable wage.”

“So rather than McDonald's paying their employees a liveable wage, they offer this ridiculous advice. Check it out.”

“Wall Street continues to soar, Main Street continues to struggle. It's time we as a country switch our priorities around.”

Other news:

Inside the One Man Intelligence Unit That Exposed the Secrets and Atrocities of Syria’s War — Huffington Post

Fascinating story of the arms expert who’s learned everything he knows from the internet.



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