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January 3, 2011
By Sara James | 0 comments

How have you adapted? In the 1950s and '60s, America made the best shoes Vibram Five Fingers Sprint the world. Then the unions came, and that resulted in shoes being made in Italy because it was cheaper. My shoes have always been made in Italy and Spain, but now I'm looking to China for some production. My signature shoe goes for $275 to $450, but about 25 percent of my business will be done in China - not to make inexpensive shoes Manolo Blahnik Shoes to lower the prices anywhere from 15 to 20 percent. How do you find newness in shoes? I look to the young designers, for kids coming out of college; they are the ones experimenting. I ran a couple of scholarships with Los Angeles' FIDM Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, and I've just hired two young women Manolo Blahnik Shoes graduated from there. They helped change my fall line and are working on spring. They are my new eyes. What has changed? Shoes, like clothes, have become seasonless. You can wear boots in the summertime and an open-toe shoe in the winter. I don't call my collections spring, summer, fall and winter even though that's when Christian Louboutin Pumps present them. I just say, "This is my new collection." What's your best tip? Try on both shoes, not just one. How many times have you seen women in a shoe department trying on one shoe and hobbling because she has a tennis shoe on the other foot?



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