Daily Show Employs Hostage Negotiator to Teach Us How to Talk to Republicans

October 10, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 1 comments

Sometimes trying to debate a conservative Republican is like talking to a brick wall — they're predictable, intransigent, and unwilling to see another's perspective. In response to this issue, The Daily Show brought in an actual former FBI hostage negotiator to teach Jason Jones how to converse with Republicans. Though not completely successful, the result is, at least, hilarious. 

It is pretty ridiculous that the House GOP has taken our country to this point. The only way to truly end this culture of crisis they have created is to vote them out, and DFA members stand at the ready. Here is the shut down by the numbers: 


Outraged by the government shutdown, that's how many phone calls DFA members have pledged  o make to voters in 2014 to defeat Republicans and take back the House of Representatives from Tea Party extremists. And the number is surging with each day the shutdown continues.


That's how many DFA and Daily Kos supporters have signed on to a petition  asking 21 moderate House Republicans to buck John Boehner and sign a "discharge petition" that would force a vote to end the shutdown -- and could prevent the impending debt ceiling disaster.


That's how many Republicans could lose their seats because of the shutdown, according to Sam Wang, a Princeton professor called "one of the best poll aggregators out there" by Paul Krugman. Wang's analysis of recent polling shows that the GOP would lose the House "if the election were held today."

We can take back the House in 2014 -- so this never happens again. Please contribute $5 today to our DFA Dialer program so our members can follow through on making 3 million calls into the districts that matter the most. 

Republicans made this mess, gambling on our future to force an ideological point that the majority of Americans continue to reject. Let's make sure they learn a lesson.



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