Dear GOP, We Don’t Feel Sorry for Your “Tough Votes”

October 9, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 6 comments

Over the last few days, we’ve heard a lot of complaining about how “tough” a vote on a clean CR would be for ultra-conservative House Republicans. At Obama’s Oct. 8 press conference, one reporter said:

“You mentioned yourself that this is a tough vote for all these House Republicans. You're asking them to take a very tough vote for the debt ceiling. Usually, people in both parties want to have some cover…”

And it is a “tough” vote; with constituents so vehemently anti-Obamacare that a possible default appears a veritable Godsend in exchange for its repeal, it may be difficult to convince them of the logic of maintaining a working government. But does anyone spouting this nonsense ever think about why this is such a tough vote? Does it strike these congressmen as strange that their constituents are so alarmed, so illogical, and so deeply immovable in their convictions?

Because here’s the truth, Republicans: you created this monster.

Republicans and Fox News have been working steadily over the past few years to mold the GOP base into exactly what it has become. Is it surprising that they fear and loathe Obamacare when Republicans have repeatedly informed these same voters that Obamacare institutes death panels; kills jobs; pays for abortions (with taxpayer money!); abuses private information (to discriminate against conservatives!); causes skyrocketing premiums; and ultimately represents the end of America as we know it?! Is it surprising that these voters, seeing none of the same alarmist rhetoric employed to describe a default on America’s debt, have drawn the conclusion that Obamacare is much, much worse?

And have congressmen complaining about this “tough vote” acknowledged that the reason their districts are so rabidly conservative is that in 2012 they enthusiastically gerrymandered into irrelevance anyone who didn’t subscribe to Obamacare myths? They’ve created their own conservative dystopias where facts don’t matter and the majority of voters are scared and suspicious of (almost everything, but mostly) Obama, “socialism” and the “liberal elite.” So are Republicans really so conflicted now that it’s now “tough” to make logical decisions, or is that just an excuse?

Because either way, this is exactly what they wanted, and they got it. So, GOP: good luck dealing with it.  And no, you don’t get “cover” (i.e. “political goodies”) for creating this problem yourselves. Now stop misinforming your voters, vote on a clean CR, and get back to work.

Show Republicans we're tired of excuses. Tell them to sign the discharge petition and reopen the government.  



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This is the tail wagging the dog! But it can go on only for so long! There is too much at stake and the ultra conservatives will end up losing all of their power in the next election cycle as they will be viewed as culprits to our economic downfall for their lack of foresight and flexibility.

Ana Bouza

Get off the floor and stop the kicking and screaming. Get your butts back to work and do the job we gave you! The rest of the country has lost respect for you! It's time to get over your temper tantrum. VOTE!!!!

Patricia Pollock
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